AAR: King of the Hill [Droni]

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Captain Barron, Maikull

LOCATION Droni System, Doza Sector

MISSION Secure Federation Foothold in the System



  • Captain Drake Tungsten [USS Dragon-A]
  • Captain Maikull Barron [USS Alexander]
  • Commander Evette LaSalle [USS Dragon-A] (Mission Ops)
  • Lieutenant Commander Zach Brannigan [USS Alexander] (Flight Chief)

Following up on reports from KDF allies that the Droni System was vulnerable, USS Alexander and USS Dragon-A set off to attempt to secure the system before the Terrans had a chance to Re-Group.

Immediately upon entering the system, the Aries Duo came across a small escort group of Terran Ships engaging the active minefield [Solanae Dyson Sphere Zone Wide Event - Voth Blitz]. Caught up in their own agenda, and having the jump on them, we were able to dispatch the Terran ships with ease.

Once the system was secured for the time being, Both Alexander and Dragon-A launched their Fighters (Peregrine and Valkyrie respectively) under command of Flight Wing Commander Lt.Cmdr Zach Brannigan. The Fighters main purpose was to run interception on any ‘loose’ mines that would threaten the larger craft while they went to work.

USS Alexander approached all three orbital platforms managing the minefield, and sent over Engineering Teams to ‘clean up’ the mess the former KDF Taskforce had left behind. Each station had to be completely shut down and rebooted, before prior command codes could be re-instated. 4 Fighters were destroyed in this, but no lives were lost due to the vigilant watch of Transporter Chiefs. [Allied Zone – Minefield “Repair Sensor Relays”]

While performing that, USS Dragon-A deployed Phaser, Turret, and Torpedo Satellites around the Minefield following its re-activation, adding an additional layer of security to the system incase of future Terran incursion. [Allied Zone – Minefield “Rearrange Static Defenses”]

Lt.Cmdr Mark-0 transported aboard the disabled Mining Station which was disabled after the recent KDF Taskforce raid and lead Engineering and Security Teams to assist the Civilian Operators with restoring their access codes to the facility. A hidden Terran team did make itself known, but was no match for the two full teams of federation officers onsite. [Found Mission – Lost the Codes]

Commander LaSalle detected an anomaly within the minefield, and lead a team to investigate, finding Terran Forces attempting to utilize Fighter craft to test the newly-reinstated Minefield. After dispatching the Terran scout’s, stationary defenses were re-distributed to cover a larger area, and minimize ‘blackout’ spots. [Found Mission – Whats Eating our Mines?]

The USS Alexander and USS Dragon-A then proceeded to scan the area for any disabled and distressed civilian vessels that may have been hiding due to temporary Terran Occupation. 5 Civilian Vessels were recovered that had disabled their distress beacons in fear of being enslaved, and 1 escape pod full of Terrans were also discovered. [Found Mission – Assist Salvage Operation]

Recommend stationing more patrols in the area to ensure Terrans are cut off from their Doza and Itrin Campaigns.

RECOGNITION All Officers performed admirably. Special Recognition to the Civilians who despite the constant back and forth, chose to remain and hopefully give us a better heads up if the Terrans try to break through our defenses again.

We traveled to the Solanae Dyson Sphere Minefield with @DrakeTungsten and participated in nearly all the mission objectives we could find, given the set narrative of an active/contested minefield in the zone. Obviously replaced Voth ships for Terran. We went more for “Quantity” to make up for “Quality” in this, so hope it counts! Some of the missions didn’t ‘share’ well, so where one person was performing the mission, the other was there as support.

Missions Completed:
[Solanae Dyson Sphere Zone Wide Event - Voth Blitz] Together
[Allied Zone – Minefield “Repair Sensor Relays”] Maikull Only
[Allied Zone – Minefield “Rearrange Static Defenses”] Drake Only
[Found Mission – Lost the Codes] Maikull with Drake as Backup
[Found Mission – Whats Eating our Mines?] Drake with Maikull as Backup
[Found Mission – Assist Salvage Operation] Maikull with Drake as Backup