AAR: LHS 22495 Nebula Survey

To: 38th Flt. Command
CC: FCapt. Perim
Subj: AAR: Survey of Nebula LHS-22495

LHS-22495 is a nebula from the Luyten Half-Second Stellar Object catalogue, approximately 2 light-years from Deep Space 13. It is a diffuse nebula consisting primarily of hydrogen. It has no well-defined boundary, and covers approximately a square light-year.

It is, perhaps, the single dullest, most unremarkable stellar phenomena I have seen in my life, though it seemed to keep the scientists happy. Apparently in a few million years, as I was informed, at length, there might be a protostar in that vicinity. There are, it seems, curdles starting to form in the gas flow.

Still, the Asmimov’s crew know their jobs and performed well even with the disruption of a new captain. They seem used to it - the ship is one of the many assigned out as needed by Argo command, and it shows.

There were no reserves of food or refreshments on board- only the replicators. I had to make do with replicated tea! Ugh, I’d have preferred real coffee. Still, the job's done and we're on our way home. Not long now and I can have a real brew at Swifty's.

Temporary Captain K’Meiuu M’Rella
USS Asimov NCC-72455
En route to DS-13