AAR: Liberation of the Udran system

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LOCATION Ba’aja sector, Udran system

MISSION Defeat of the Orion mercenary fleet “Latinum wings”

OUTCOME Orion mercenary fleet flagship OSS Repossessor destroyed with all support ships. Orion mercenary fleet disengaged and retreated from the system, breaking the blockade of the Kunang shipyards.


  • Captain Egzo (IKS Hag’lhr)
  • CMDR B’Atar (IKS San’leth)
  • Elt Aestae Vali (OSS Morakos)
  • CMDR Bara (IKS Barut)

NARRATIVE With the orion mercenary fleet weakened by the destruction of their temporary base and almost half or their cruiser line, the main showdown between the House Woldan strike force and the mercenary fleet was inevitable. The mercenaries were still trying to shut down or even take control of the satellite defense network, and it was only a matter of time before they were successful. Therefore, a decisive action was deemed necessary.
Lagos, leader of House Woldan, surmised that the orion admiral will be forced to send the two Corsair heavy cruisers to support the front line that was weakened by the loss of the cruisers, and they will have far weaker force defending the flagship. Our squadron (San’leth, Hag’lhr, Morakos and Barut) were tasked with the attack on the flagship while the Woldan forces engage the enemy head on.
In order to give us advantage/punching power necessary to take down a battleship of this size, the squadron was given five modified Hargh’peng torpedoes, which were distributed along the ships.
As the battle commenced, we used the chaos of the frontline combat to outflank the enemy under cloak and reach the battleship which was protected by four orion frigates in the diamond formation. San’leth moved in first, decloaking and hitting the ventral shields with a powerful tachyon pulse and firing the first Hargh’peng torpedo. The ventral shields were temporary disabled and torpedo went through, destroying a good portion of the ventral armor plating. Morakos followed suit, firing their own torpedo and extending the shields over San’leth (as they had to drain the power for the tachyon burst). Hag’lhr and Barut decloaked and fired their own torpedoes. While the effectiveness of each torpedo was far from the original design, our precise hits breached the battleship’s defenses and caused a chain hargh’peng reaction, which obliterated the vessel and it’s escorts. This crumbled the orion mercenary fleet’s coordination and they were forced to flee the battle, ceding the control of the system.

RECOMMENDATION Chase down the escaping mercenaries and don’t give them the time to regroup. If they were really hired by the Mo’Kai, they might have more tricks up their sleeve.

RECOGNITION Egzo, give your helmsman a raise.

OOC This is the third and the last part of the larger KDF event. The event log can be found here: 21 Nov: Old allies, old feuds - part 5 - #2 by Mudd

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