AAR: Lieutenant Jekkal t'Vekkei - Surgery and Recovery notes

TO: KHRV Rellir
CC: SCDR Aurellia
SUBJ: Lieutenant Jekal t'Vekkei - Surgery and Recovery notes

Please see this not so much as a formal report as it is observations.

The surgery on Jekal went far better than I might have expected. The Subcommander informed me of some problems involving the photonic 'training' program before my arrival but the entire process went down smoothly as smoothly as a physical checkup. It was not simple to obtain this program and make it work to the point that we were able to use it as guidance and it is my recommendation the officers who found and made this program work be commended.

The procedure itself was rather simple and once directed the execution could be managed flawlessly. I am not bragging, it was a simple procedure for any physician who has had experience working with the Tal'Shiar in their past.

My foremost concern coming out of this surgery is Jekal's mental health. This command under your leadership, Khre'Riov, is more compromising in this matter than many I've served in. She does require assistance and companionship. While many of us committed terrible deeds on our own people for the Tal'Shiar she has not had to wrestle those issues down to learn to function. I know that when I defected it took me two years of intensive re-programmings and debriefings to become useful to the Republic again - that is not foolproof.

Jekal does not have years. Your plan to have her see a Starfleet counselor is sound but I would suggest as well, Khre'Riov, that we make a concerted effort as officers above her to make ourselves available for time to spend as open ears. We are all very busy people and small things like this should normally not be our concern. However, in my medical opinion, the sooner we help the Lieutenant come to deal with her insecurities about this past and analyze what has happened to her - commiserate and let her know she is not alone in these horrible deeds she may only now be aware she committed - her mental and physical health in the long-term will benefit immensely, as will our operational security and cohesion.

Please let me know if I can answer more questions for you on the procedure or serve you in any other way.