AAR - Luhtosno

Stardate 96042.4
RIOV Mnheia t’Ehhelih
Level 1 - Open

LOCATION: On the Planet Luhtosno in the Argelius Sector along the Ancient Debrune Trade Route

MISSION: Assisting Federation Archaeologists in recovering an ancient Debrune Archive.

OUTCOME: The Team was successful in getting to the archive but native fauna made it impossible to retrieve the archive.

From the RRW Saeihr:

SCDR Tylen tr’Valex
SCDR S’Tokkr Ralaa
SCDR Vordai t’Krediv

From the RRW D’Ishae:

RIOV Davin Mandukar

From the USS Pegasus:

CAPT Alistair Nimitz

NARRATIVE: Federation archaeologists attempting to reach a Debrune Archive on the Class P Glaciated world of Luhtosno requested assistance from the Romulan Republic in obtaining access to the Archive. As you know, around 400 AD, the Vulcans who refused to accept Surak’s Philosophy chose to leave Vulcan and create a new life for themselves. This time period was called “The Sundering” when Those who marched beneath the Raptor’s Wings left Vulcan for a new home. One of the offshoots of the Sundering was the Debrune Empire – a civilization founded by a group that split off from the rest of the Vulcans who would later become known as Rihannsu or Romulans.

While the team was able to get to the archive, a large grouping of native Fauna that had been attacking the researchers was approaching the team and the researchers deemed it necessary to extract the team from the caves where the Archive was located in order to prevent any casualties.

RECOMMENDATION: The Luhtosno Archaeological team requests assistance from Federation Biologists and other scientists to find a way to access the archive without bringing harm to the native fauna. They also request a team study the fauna to assess possible sentience. They hope to achieve access to the archive as soon as possible and hope that the Romulan Republic will continue to assist them in its translation.

OOC: RRW Saeihr: Luhtosno was run by me, and I welcome questions or research on the topic of the Debrune archive or the critters that were giving the team so many issues.
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