AAR: Momentum (MU)

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CAPT Varley, Lauren

LOCATION Prime Universe. Kacam System.

MISSION Destroy the Confederacy of Azed’s shipyard in Kacam

OUTCOME Comprehensive tactical victory, the Confederacy of Azed’s ability to replenish and repair their fleet is reduced by an estimated 90%. Acquired substantial data packet detailing the Confederacy’s technology and civilization.


  • CAPT Varley, Lauren
  • CAPT Barron, Jason
  • CMDR Rahn, Naderi
  • LT Izly, Jodi

NARRATIVE The task force engaged the Kacam system at several key points simultaneously in order to split available defenses while Saratoga, Birk, Kubla-Khan, and Bob Ross lead a spearhead against the shipyards. Two Etnoziroh-class dreadnoughts and four Rayopa-class support cruisers held a tight formation around a single Raligiv-class starbase that made up the bulk of the shipyards’ defenses.

The two dreadnoughts were quickly dispatched with the Telemammoth-beam weaponry aboard our vessels, but not before unleashing considerable damage to our vessels’ shields, leaving us vulnerable for much of the remaining battle. The support cruisers lacked sufficient firepower to be a real threat, however they possessed an acute capability to affect our vessels’ systems. Shields, weapons, and engines were all periodically affected by electronic warfare attacks. Combined with the starbase’s firepower, this resulted in Saratoga taking considerable damage directly to hull. Kubla-Khan was able to assist and prevent catastrophic damage. Reports from other squadrons indicate similar issues when engaging this composition of enemy vessels.

A coordinated strike with the Telemammoth-beam weapons was utilized to destroy the orbital starbase. The shipyard structure was partially damaged from the resulting debris, but enough of it survived to warrant boarding parties and a capture operation. Commander Rahn assisted in accessing the surviving data network, recovering a large amount of tactical data on the Confederacy of Azed which has been provided to Imperial Intelligence. After everything of value was removed, the facility was destroyed.

RECOMMENDATION Recall vessels to repair before attempting another large-scale assault. Engaging multiple Etnoziroh-class dreadnoughts has proven to be a risky maneuver, even accounting for Telemammoth weaponry.

RECOGNITION Victory today would not be possible without the strategic and tactical contributions of the ISS Bob Ross.

OOC Operation Momentum