AAR: Nebula Survey (Deoxyribonucleic Acid)

BH1Pd8X.pngSUBJ: AAR - Nebula Survey
Stardate: 92713.3
TO: 38th Fleet Command
FROM: CMDR Se'Lai, Keelah


The USS Asimov been put in for repairs after receiving substantial damage following an unprovoked confrontation with True Way forces. Details of these events follow:

Our survey of the uncharted nebula proceeded as scheduled to begin with. Initial scans revealed an electrical signal coming from the centre of the nebula which was not natural in origin. We first attempted to gain more information by use of a class 2 probe however, when we lost the probe's telemetry due to interference from the nebula I took the Asimov in closer. As we neared the signal source it was identified as a hail being relayed in a pre-Union Cardassian format - upon interceting said hail we were presented with a holographic representation of a Vorta on the bridge, some crew easily recognised this figure as Keth and it soon came to light that this was in fact a pre-recorded message from Keth 6, specifically.

Keth 6 baited us into a no-win scenario which we could not afford to ignore for the preservation of innocent lives; she presented us with two scenarios which were underway in the vicinity warning us that whichever we chose to aid would be at the sacrifice of the other. The first of these was a bomb which had been discretely placed on board a nearby trading post and was primed to detonate within 60 minutes from the termination of her message. The second was a freighter convoy which would be coming under attack from True Way forces, also just outside the nebula but in the opposite direction.

After careful deliberation, we decided to despatch an away team via shuttle to the trading post who could inform of the threat, commence evacuation and attempt to disarm the device - whilst the Asimov moved to assist the freighters. Knowing that the Asimov would not present any significant challenge to an aggressive Jem'Hadar squadron, we devised a rouse of using sensor ghosts and projections to scatter and confuse enemy forces whilst the Asimov attempted to evacuate the freighter convoy to safety. Coupled with focused efforts to temporarily boost transporter system strength and shield cycling times this plan yielded some results.

Unfortunately, the hostile forces were quick to see through our rouse and had turned their attention back to the Asimov by the time we had evacuated the first freighter. We attempted to further placate them by creating additional sensor ghosts of the Asimov, but they would not be fooled twice. Tactical and helm worked in seamless partnership to cut the attacking fighters down who had taken to kamikaze runs against the Asimov whilst our shields were down to transport civilians. However, the attacking frigates also seized the opportunity and promptly evacuated one of their own vessels - launching it on a collision course with the Asimov.

During this confrontation the remaining two freighters who had scattered after our engagement of enemy forces were still attempting to flee. I am saddened to report that one suffered a core breach before reaching safety however the third and final freighter was spared.

With our shields reduced to minimal strength at this point and under constant fire from all direction we could not evade the frigate-sized projectile being guided toward us by tractor beam. We initiated a plan to tow the projectile ship via our own tractor beam along a collision course with one of the other frigates as we warped out, unfortunately they accelerated their projectile and it impacted the lower engineering section of the Asimov.

Before we warped out, we were again met with a holographic communication from Keth 6, this time it was not a pre-recorded message. She of course boasted victory and tried to play mind games with the bridge crew, making light of the thought that we were responsible for the lost lives. I was abrupt in reinforcing our position to the contrary. This extended and egotistic dialogue was not in vain however since it allowed us to trace her signal back to it's source - which was confirmed as a relay probe within the nebula, further investigation was hampered however when the probe self destructed upon detecting our long range scans. Furthermore, it allowed us some insight into her ongoing plans; it would appear that Keth 6 is gathering 'test subjects' of different species, or to be more precise she is gathering samples of different species DNA. To what end, we still do not know.

Whilst these events were transpiring aboard the Asimov, the away team saw greater success at the trading post where they were able to disarm what turned out to be a Thalaron device, with note in particular of Ensign Steele's quick thinking. It was reported that upon deactivation, the device emitted a subspace signal though it's nature could not be determined. Supplemental report from Commander Sivath to be attached.

Summary action:
Civilians Saved83 recovered from freighter, plus estimated similar complement aboard escpaing freighter. Unknown number of souls on board the trading post.
Civilian Fatalities94 incl. lost freighter crew and some recovered with fatal injuries
Asimov Injuries43 minor / treatable injuries
Asimov Fatalities18 (I will be writing to these crewman's families in due course informing the circumstances of their loss; in saving civilian lives. I am also posthumously recommending them all for commendation to this effect)
Asimov DamageMajor hull breaches to decks 6, 7 & 8 // Hull plating and structural integrity compromised across all decks // 8 ruptured plasma conduits on decks 3, 4 & 6

Asimov Crew:
CMDR Keelah Se'LaiCMDR Sivath*
LCDR Mathilda ZaldoENS William Steele*
ENS T'Pemi Carter*CDT Ann Carter
LCDR Rose JinsooENG Alex Holmes
LT Skyr'la DelinLT Nirali Zehn
LTCOL Motoko Isawa*(*Away team)


Cmdr. Keelah Se'Lai
Commander, your report was very detailed, but is lacking a critical piece of information. If you traced the signal to its source, could you please share that?


Sent from my TravelPADD
(Report updated regarding the signal source)
TO 38th\Command
SUBJ Away Team Report

Led away team to Ferengi trading outpost where bomb threat indicated. Runabout’s scans narrowed search before beaming over. Located explosive device in office connected to engineering section. Device shielded, preventing transport, powered by internal battery. Construction included integral sensors directed outward. Traces of thalaron radiation detected.

Pattern discovered in material composition of device casing, aluminum distributed deliberately within steel. Symbols formed by this arrangement belonged to human cipher known as “Morse code”. Lt. Col. Isawa decrypted the following message:


Solution to puzzle box discovered by Ens. Steele, who presented device sensors with DNA sample. Device lowered shields and disarmed itself; reason for this behavior unclear. Ens. Steele prepped inert device for transportation back to DS13 for further study.

Upon disarmament, Lt. Col. Isawa detected a subspace burst transmission from the device. Destination could not be determined, but outcome of Asimov rescue operation strongly indicates that hostile party known as Keth 6 was its recipient.

No casualties among outpost’s 20 crew. Administrator offered Starfleet personnel 7% discount for the next week. Recommend intel dept. conduct interviews with outpost crew to determine how device was planted so prominently in the first place.

Reason for this convoluted scheme still unclear, but lives were jeopardized and ultimately lost in the process. Personal assessment: Starfleet loses by default when it plays Keth 6’s games. Her rules are constructed to trap us in a cage of our own principles. Success is impossible without changing the parameters of play.

USS Asimov will be out of service for several weeks while DS13 engineering effects repairs.

Away Team:
CMDR Sivath
LTCOL Isawa, Motoko
ENS Steele, William
ENS T'Pemi Carter

Commander Sivath
Engineering Dept., Deep Space 13
150px-StarfleetIntelligence.pngSUBJ: Ongoing Investigation
Stardate 92739.1
TO: 38th Fleet Command
CC: CAPT Desimone, Sara
FROM: LCDR Leveson-Scott, Mischa


In response to these events, I took up the mantle of investigating this matter, with the aid of Lt. Cdr. T'Rara from DS13 Intelligence department. Utilizing resources from the SFI archives - which remain classified - we have condudcted a psychoanalysis of the Keth-6 clone and breakdown of behaviour patterns, enabling us to make the following recommendation as a most prudent course of action:

Keth-6's actions indicate clear intent, coupled with a high intellect met only by the level of cunning and ruthlessness she will happily resort to. Without being able to learn more of her intentions we have surmised that there is only one viable course of action for us to take; and that is lure her out into a trap.

Since we know her interest lies in obtaining test subjects with rare DNA, we can use this as bait. However she is too smart to fall into a simple trap, which is why we also recommend a double-bluff entrapment. Lay the bait, present a convincing trap for her to foil, the catch her in a secondary trap.

If we do not persue this course, our collective reasoning is that she will soon strike again on her own terms, and we saw how that played out last time.

Addendum: Our investigation was aided by the gratious and competent assistance of Cadet Ann Carter. Her CO has been copied on this correspondence so that Ann's efforts may not go unacknowledtged.


LtCdr. Mischa Leveson-Scott .II