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CAPT Nimitz, A.H.

After Action Report

LOCATION Kinjer System, Orion Sector.

MISSION Apprehension of Ferengi smuggler.

OUTCOME 74 canisters of Prototaxites stellaviatori spores recovered, the Ferengi known as Madran has been taken into custody of the USS Birmingham, and two Tholian task forces were destroyed.


  • USS Birmingham
  • USS Carter
  • USS Shirgat
  • USS Pegasus
    *Captain Alistair Nimitz
    *Subcommander Eviess t’Cyklaas
    *Lieutenant Commander Thani zh’Kerro
    *Lieutenant Command Klaarna
    *Lieutenant Max

NARRATIVE While on Patrol, the Commanding officer of the Pegasus recived an urgent response request for backup in the Kinjer system where a Starfleet task force under command of Admiral Kebret with the USS Birmingham had been ambushed by a Ferengi D’Kora class vessel with a cloaking device.

The Pegasus immediately jumped in to respond, arriving just in time to see the Brimingham disabled. The Pegasus moved in to disable the D’Kora vessel before it could escape. After the vessel was disabled, Subcommander Eviess lead a boarding party to secure the vessel and find the stolen Spore canisters. Pegasus sent over engineering teams to aid the Birmingham and get them back up.

As the away team searched the cargo bay of the Ferengi vessel, a task force of Tholian vessels dropped out of warp, the Pegasus, aided by the Carter and the Shirgat were able to hold them back. A second task force warped in just as the away team discovered the hidden canisters. The task force was able to drive off the second force of Tholians away without any losses.

Once the system was secured, the USS Carter took the spore canisters for transportation while the Pegasus gathered her boarding parties, the D’Kora and all prisoners taken captive were handed over to custody of Admiral Kebret while the Pegasus resumed her patrol mission.

RECOMMENDATION none at this time.

RECOGNITION All parties involved are to be commended for their work in securing the D’Kora.