AAR: Nothing is ever easy

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CAPT Mirazuni, A

After Action Report

LOCATION Embassy Lounge, Deep Space Thirteen

MISSION Receive Tiyanki delegation.

OUTCOME Delegation revealed that the Tiyanki had sabotaged some Zelvan vessels. Other points were also discussed.


  • CAPT C. Dubois
  • CAPT A. Mirazuni
  • CAPT D. Tungsten
  • LCDR M. Hinez
  • LCDR S. Often
  • LTJG Yont
  • ENS V. Sovum

NARRATIVE The meeting took place in the Embassy lounge. At first I thought this meeting was an official meeting with the Tiyanki delegation and it was how I approached this mission, but that was not how the meeting panned out. From the onset, a number of officers seemed to have just walked in, without knowledge of a meeting taking place. The bar was open and many of the officers ordered drinks before the meeting, though I am certain none of these were intoxicating or would have otherwise caused impairment of one’s duties (I saw nothing during the meeting that would indicate anything suspicious).

I also moved from the limited space by the fireplace to the large table, expecting that all the officers that were there would be at the meeting, but when the Tiyanki delegation arrived, they moved to the fireplace, and this is where Captain Tungsten joined them. This was the agreed meeting point for the delegation (as mentioned above, this is where I started), but Captain Tungsten began the meeting without informing anyone else. Certainly, I was not informed that the meeting had started. One would have assumed that this was common courtesy for those who took the time to attend. This then proved awkward for the rest of the members to effectively engage in the meeting, and thus, many of the officers either milled around various pillars, or even remained at the bar, further causing uncertainty as to whether these officers were meant to be a part of the mission from the start, or if they had just been caught in the embassy at the wrong time.

Ensign Sovum was with me when the meeting started, and though the Ensign managed to go closer to the fireplace during the meeting, I resolved to stay away from the discussion, because I had figured that a sudden influx of officers surrounding the Tiyanki delegation in what seemed to be an informal meeting would look very suspicious and potentially threatening. In short, the manner in which Starfleet organised itself and presented itself to the Tiyanki delegation was appalling; unprofessional at best, and downright rude at worst. With the diplomatic situation as it is, this does us a disservice and could potentially cause issues down the line.

The crux of the meeting was the Tiyanki delegation revealing that they had mechanically sabotaged or planted explosives on the weapons batteries of many of the Zelvan ships. At this moment, it was clear that this meeting was a serious matter and confidential. I messaged Ensign Sovum to inform Captain Dubois of this fact, but this was eventually dismissed by the Captain. I do not know how much information Captain Dubois had on the situation so I cannot place too much blame on the Captain for not interfering, but Captain Tungsten had sufficient knowledge to know that this was highly sensitive information that, if leaked, would potentially irreparably damage the fragile peace between the two worlds, perhaps permanently. Yet, despite this, the talks between them continued in this place, with the bartender and the above officers hanging around in various areas around the embassy.

The discussion turned to the possibility of the Zelvans decommissioning the ships that had been sabotaged. Captain Tungsten did manage to acquire a list of Zelvan ships that had been sabotaged, but I believe that simply asking the Zelvans to agree to decommission ships will not work, and other approaches should be considered.

Captain Tungsten then discussed what the plans were with the weapons business called Speare. This seemed agreeable to the Tiyanki delegation, and I had no issues with how this part of the discussion panned out. If this had been the only point of discussion between the two, I would not have had any cause for concern.

With the meeting concluding, the delegation departed.

RECOMMENDATION If the Zelvans found evidence of sabotage on their ships prior to this, the Federation might have been able to intervene as a third party. However, now that we are aware of this, we are now placed in a very difficult position. If sabotage is revealed and the Zelvans find that the Federation knew of the sabotage, we are no longer seen as a neutral party. Furthermore, the longer we wait to reveal this information, the more the Zelvans will have reason to mistrust us. Given that trust is the core of this negotiation, if trust in the Federation goes, it undermines everything we have worked to achieve. The manner this information was revealed, and the way the meeting took place means that we are in a very dangerous position and it needs to be rectified immediately. This officer recommends an urgent meeting with both delegations and negotiations to begin before our procedural failings cause the needless deaths of many.

RECOGNITION Not one member of this mission deserves any recognition. Firstly because it was difficult to even ascertain who was even part of this mission to begin with, and secondly because this officer does not believe anyone was actually interested in safeguarding sensitive information.

OOC This is the AAR for the event Nothing is ever easy. Event logs available on request. Everything is reported from Ayesha’s IC opinion.

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