AAR: Nothing is Free


96701.6 CAPT S. Bishop

SECURITY: Level 1 - Open

LOCATION TeJu 846-33 Nebula, Ba’aja Sector.

MISSION Response to a distress call.

OUTCOME Ferengi ship rescued.


  • CAPT S. Bishop
  • LT S. Valore
  • LT (JG) T. Shinwa
  • ENS R. Mitsuki

NARRATIVE During a patrol, the U.S.S. Endeavour received a distress call from a Ferengi ship. This ship was stranded in the TeJu 846-33 Nebula, an area of space that causes damage to warp engines if travelling in the area for an extended period of time. It was decided to modify the engines of the U.S.S. Bark to preserve the U.S.S. Endeavour and, upon arrival at the nebula, the U.S.S. Bark was sent in.

Whilst Lieutenant Shinwa assisted the Pakled chief engineer with repairs, this officer questioned the Captain, whilst Lieutenant Valore questioned members of the crew. Between our questioning, we learnt that the ship was transporting an extraordinary amount of Tetralysin solution. Tetralysin is a type of high concentration alkaline solution, used in systems disinfection, especially those with biological components. It is not used in the Federation but is common outside. It is also used as a legal high by distillation of the solution, and inhaling the red crystal residue. The shipment was paid for by a joint Ferengi-Pakled venture, the FerLed Organisation. The destination of the shipment was the Kirorai System, also located in the Ba’aja Sector. After repairs to the vessel were complete, the team departed, allowing for the ship to make their own way out of the nebula.

The U.S.S. Endeavour thereafter decided to visit the Kirorai System. The system is previously unsurveyed, and scans showed it contained one M Class planet, with a pre-warp civilisation, akin to Earth’s 1600s. A probe was deployed to complete more scans and the U.S.S. Endeavour returned to Deep Space 13.

RECOMMENDATION I recommend we sent a ship to investigate the Kirorai System, as well as potentially sending an undercover team to the planet; are the FerLed Organisation supplying a legal high to a pre-warp civilisation? If so, why? An investigation into the FerLed Organisation is currently underway.​

RECOGNITION All involved personnel performed satisfactorily. Special mention must be made to Lieutenant Valore who, despite unwanted and inappropriate advances from the Ferengi Ops officer, manage to obtain the relevant information.

This is the AAR and the subsequent actions for the event “Nothing is Free”. Event Logs available on request.

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