AAR: Nothing Suspicious Here

Stardate 95928.8
SCDR Eviess i-Ra'tleihfi T'Cyklaas
Level 2 - Confidential

LOCATION: Asteroid Belt, Tafor System, Itrin Sector.

MISSION: Interrupt and interdict suspected trafficking of illegal substances.

OUTCOME: One vessel seized after firefight along with personnel and cargo.

CAPT A. Tlei
CAPT A. Derenzis
CAPT A. Nimitz
SCDR Eviess
CMDR C. Jarnefelt

NARRATIVE: The U.S.S. Brindisi acted upon intelligence regarding trafficking of illegal substances. Following a brief search, we came across two vessels in the midst of a trade of suspected illegal substances. This officer carried out an order to communicate with one of the vessels. Following a brief and conversation followed by a request to search the vessels in question, the Ferengi ship (captained by a Ferengi with a multi-species crew) opened fire on us without warning. Returning fire, the enemy ship was crippled and this officer carried out a boarding action with other key personnel while CAPT Tlei remained in command of the Brindisi. We found the vessel to be empty, but also shielded in a way that blocked us off from communications with the Brindisi. The original plan was to proceed to the cargo bay to investigate the illegal substances, but following the lack of communications, it was decided that the team would go to the environmental controls on the engineering deck in order to manipulate the tactical situation on the vessel given the circumstances such as delivering a gas into the atmosphere that would knock out everyone not expecting it.

Unknown to us at the time, the crew had made their way to the cargo bay in order to depart with their cargo while leaving traps for us. We made our way to engineering where a trap was triggered, revealing several sentry turrets that opened fire on us. Seeing Captain Sel in the most immediate danger of being injured or killed, this officer tackled Captain Sel to the ground as a living Captain was a better outcome than a vaporized one. This officer may have broken the Captain's unintentionally as a result (see medical report for full details.) Calling Doctor Jarnefelt to attend to Captain Sel, this officer delegated Captain Derenzis to access engineering as Captain Nimitz and I kept watch of any more hostile encounters. Following a plan-gone-awry involving knockout gas, gas flooded the room we were in. This officer had previously passed out breathers from the vessel's emergency locker stored on the engineering deck. Commander Jarnefelt's breather appeared defective and she proceeded to collapse on the scene and hit a console on the way down - causing a gash on her head. Given the escalating situation we found ourselves in, and cut off from communications and support, this officer decided that getting to the bridge was imperative and issued new orders to do so. Captain Sel stayed behind with the Commander as they were both injured and this officer could not risk taking Captain Sel into battle given her injury and dragging the Commander along was a non-option.

We arrived on the bridge without any resistance. Internal scans showed that the entirety of the crew and the Ferengi captain were in the cargobay with their product. This officer ordered the vessel's ships lowered to establish communications and transporter lock, along with ordering a forcefield to be created around the hostiles. Re-establishing communications, this officer had Captain Sel and Commander Jarnefelt transported directly to medical. Captain Tlei decided to transport the crew into the brig where they presently remain and to have the product tested for its composition and origin.

RECOMMENDATION: This officer recommends the Ferengi leader be interrogated for his knowledge of the drug trafficking operations. This officer volunteers to conduct the interrogation herself if need be. This officer also believes that the Ferengi vessel should be dissected for any additional evidence and that nothing should be left to chance. They fired upon us unprovoked and they are definitely hiding something. Captain Derenzis has already agreed to run necessary tests on the product itself.

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