AAR: Of unions and empires (MU)

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Liasvarnu, IV
Clearance: union eyes only

LOCATION Battle Station Argo

MISSION Diplomatic meeting.

OUTCOME Successful escape.


  • Commander Traise
  • Unknown attendee (Thyzee)
  • FL Arman’Usan
  • FE Liasvarnu


The meeting proper, with myself and First Liberator Arman’Usan representing the Union, unfolded more amicably than expected. We were treated with considerable respect and entertained as true guests by a Terran officer, Commander Traise. He, and an unknown agent or officer whose identity was never disclosed, diligently probed us for information on our principles and nature as we probed them for those of the Empire, with enough decorum, for the most part, but none of it bordered on suspicious or questionable. It appeared, to all intents and purposes, as a harmless, ordinary diplomatic exchange between two powers that do not know whether to trust each other: shallow, vague and never too revealing.

Even so, it did reinforce what our assets had gathered in regards to their society in that it is rather barbaric and unsophisticated, for it relies on a xenophobic, incomplete integration of subjects into limited castes through forceful subjugation. Advancement is not impossible, but markedly unusual or rare and an exception, rather than the rule, as well as reliant on mastering violence and deception. We opted to accommodate their views on the galaxy and concepts such as strength and security, if mostly to appease them and, perhaps, lower their guard rather than appear confrontational and precipitate unnecessary conflict. Eventually, and as the meeting approached its natural conclusion, the notion of a prolonged stay was mentioned, one that would not be out of place in the course of most diplomatic initiatives, and that we gladly accepted to avoid exposing our hand.

I surmise that we must have played the part quite expertly, for the Terrans never suspected that we never intended to return – or that it was not our vessel that was in orbit around Battle Station Argo. Had we not made the necessary preparations, and departed when the opportunity presented itself, we could very well find ourselves in one of their agony booths – or worse – at the moment. Though our intelligence did suggest that they might attempt to sabotage or otherwise exploit the meeting to gain tactical advantages on the Union, it was only when Centurion Aev of the Tal Shiar confirmed our worst fears – with foolproof data he provided on their operations and plans – that specific counter-measures were deemed mandatory. Without such, the numbers we initially thought adequate to act as deterrent might have proved insufficient and led to an all-out clash, as well as a regrettable loss of life on both sides.

Fortunately, the Centurion contacted us with ample time to adapt and ensure our eventual safe return. By the time the Terrans realised that it was a decoy, rather than the Ometra-48, and that our vessels had never approached the immediacy of their station, we were well on our way to Outpost 35. Should they decide to protest our silent departure, we may simply argue that urgent matters required our immediate attention. If they press the issue, however, we will release a copy of the transmission in which they planned to use diplomacy as a mere ruse.

Our convoy remains in high alert, for the time being, but we are fairly certain that we will soon be beyond their reach.

The future is freedom. Freedom is life.


  • Monitor all transmissions coming to and from Battle Station Argo in regards to both the meeting and our disappearance. While the data Centurion Aev provided was found solid, the reaction of the Terrans should be informative.
  • The PADD provided by the Centurion also included mentions of an incident supposedly involving the Union: an attack on Terran ships by an unknown entity or entities that might have resembled our vessels. An attempt to frame us and spark an early conflict with the Terran Empire? It merits investigation.
  • The motives and very stance of the Tal Shiar, and the Romulan Star Empire, are unclear. It is evident that a war between the Union and the Terran Empire would benefit a lot of factions in the alpha and beta quadrants, but most would just use us as a convenient instrument to weaken their foes. Their assistance, while welcome, should be noted with care.


First Liberator Arman’Usan rose to the occasion as always. Not only did he remain patient before what few signs of bigotry, verbal and non-verbal, we had to endure, his aid in preparing our holographic counter-measures was invaluable. He is to be commended and considered for a command post of his own.

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CMDR Traise, J.

After Action Report

LOCATION Battlestation 13

MISSION Intel Gathering of Gamma Quadrant power ‘Union’ via a Diplomatic meeting before detaining Union Representatives for traditional interrogation.

OUTCOME Preliminary Social Data, Biological Data of Two Classes of Union Members, and slight Technical Data obtained. Subjects evaded capture.


  • CMDR Traise, J.
  • Savant-Adjunct
  • [A List of Various I.S.S. Vessels at the Station, I.S.S. Albion is hidden in the middle of the list.]


  • Field Explorer Liasvarnu
  • First Arman’Usan

NARRATIVE Two Aliens, identified as Field Explorer Liasvarnu (genetically engineered “speaker”/presumed managerial race. see: Bio-Scan Data) and second in command First Arman’Usan (genetically engineered warrior race. see: Bio-Scan Data) arrived in what appeared to be a Union Dreadnought Identified as Omerta-48 and after preliminary discourse beamed aboard Battlestation 13 and were immediately met, guarded by security, and pressed for information via diplomatic tactics for 2.5 Hours by Commander Traise (Officer Trained in Interrogation Discourse tactics at the Imperial Academy), of Developmental Weapon Sciences.

See: RecordedConversation

Information gleaned from talks included:

  • Opposing Empire “Union” is under control of a leadership-class race known as “Founders”
  • Union Structured originally using uplifted species genetically altered for specific rolls
  • Current Union functions under a near xenophilic assimilation structure
  • Presence of one race with no biological need for food intake or sleep, likely sustained using engineered compound detected in scans (see attached)
  • Union growth similar in style of expansion and sublimation of lesser groups to Empire
  • Confirmation of existence of forces aligned against the Union
  • Belief in a natural predisposition of “curiosity in the face of the unknown” which can possibly be exploited
  • Previous contact with Enemies of the Empire, specifically Cardassians.
  • Representatives claimed no encounters on their path through our borders, however can not be ruled out they were not involved in the possible attacks on five Imperial Craft in the Jopari Sector

Attempts were made to continue detainment under pretenses of continued diplomatic talks and hospitality, which were vocally accepted, and given no indication of hostility towards it. Standard arrangements were precluded to allow excuse of further detainment under pretenses of conflict aboard station (to be facilitated by intelligence staff) were set in motion.

While the passive actions of starcraft on standby to detain enemy craft, particularly on the inaction of the I.S.S. Albion to successfully penetrate scans of the apparent Union vessel, hampered mission intelligence and indicated a safe allowance to let the aliens return to their vessel temporarily. It was still believed that any attempt to escape at that point would be quickly countered by our superior starship presence. After beaming off station it was revealed their craft was in truth a series of advanced holo-projecting probes, which they were actually using to relay their transporter signals through to avoid detection. The probes subsequently self destructed and parts were collected. Their exploratory fleets position was successfully ascertained, however all vessels were already in full retreat from Imperial Space.

Possible data revealed to enemy agents in the course of Diplomatic Interrogation was minimal, and largely could be viewed as propogandic in nature. Only biological data possible to be acquired by enemy agents is that of a half eaten Georgia Peach (replicated).

Enemy party indicated some understanding of Diplomatic interrogation and made attempts at deflection, but nothing aggressive aside from an attempt to ascertain the Emperor’s Identity, which was unsuccessful. Given their flight, and the elaborate ways they chose to attend this Diplomatic talk betrays their self professed “curious nature” or a rather simple first hand attempt at gathering intel. Their caution was likely formed from contact with enemies of the Empire including Cardassian and possibly other Alliance races.

By their actions they have betrayed their nature as that of weak cowards.

Any Telepathic gleanings are subject to the Savant-Adjunct and any authorized personnel with access to them.

RECOMMENDATION While unable to directly capture the Union Representatives or their vessel, their flight from our station against the hospitality of our empire is a direct insult to the Emperor himself and can serve as casus belli for future conflicts as the Emperor warrants.

We are left in the stronger political position having shown no hostilities and can lever that to our advantage if the opportunity presents itself again to secure Union species and vessels for analysis.

RECOGNITION Savant-Adjunct for supplying direct pressure counter pressure in investigation and a Telepathic presence. Discommendation for I.S.S. Albion being unable to determine the false nature of the Union craft.

OOC Any linked attachements to Bio-Data would be for a Vorta and Jem’Hadar from the MU respectively.
For the Empire!