AAR: Operation Blackstar (Newton Assault & Siege)

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CAPT Nimitz, A.H.

After Action Report

LOCATION Doza Sector

MISSION Capture and secure Voth target known as ‘The Key’ intact.

OUTCOME Total success, the Key (Modified Voth Rampart class cruiser) was captured and secured with minimal casualties, full access to all Voth database, and two hundred Voth POWs captured.


  • CAPT A. Nimitz
  • CMDR M. sh’Sonora
  • LCDR A. Mackenzie
  • CPT E. Varerus

NARRATIVE This operation occurred in two key parts, prior to the deployment of the Pegasus, a scout wing was sent in advance to locate a suitable ambush position code named ‘Point Blackstar.’ The Pegasus arrived twenty four hours in advance of the ambush and set up position inside an asteroid field, creating an EMP minefield throughout the area.

The Baton Rouge then set up as bait for the Voth vessel, appearing to be an easy target to pick off. The Voth vessel landed directly in the middle of the EMP minefield, as soon as the Baton Rouge was clear, all six EMP mines were detonated via remote. The Voth vessel was completely disabled and boarding operations begun.

Using the element of surprise and shock, the bridge was swiftly secured using boarding parties from both Pegasus and Baton Rouge, after securing the bridge Doctor Mackenzie begun coordinating with Pegasus to start flooding the voth vessel with Anesthizine gas. With the vessel flooded, all the Voth that were not wearing power armor suits were taken out of commission.

The Voth begun to mount an attempt to retake the bridge, our Marine and MACO forces took losses but held on in the face of many Voth power suits compared to standard combat gear. With the ship secured and the finial voths in power armor taken down, Captain Varerus took control of the clean up duty, securing the prisoners for transport back to Pegasus.

RECOMMENDATION A complete and total download of all information taken from the Voth vessel. The Voth prisoners to be transferred to an unused POW camp, and begin the next stage of removing the Voth from our region of space.

RECOGNITION All involved are to be commended.
Commander sh’Sonora is to be recognized for her skills into leading the Voth vessel directly into the trap.
Doctor Mackenzie is to be recognized as well for his swift actions in saving the lives of many Republic marines and MACO forces that were injured.
Captain Varerus is also to be recognized for her quick reactions that resulted in saving the lives of both the reporting officer and that of Doctor Mackenzie.

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