AAR: Operation Emotional Damage

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LTJG Sovum, Veneela

LOCATION Omega Station, Doza Sector

MISSION Send and Provide aid to civilian refugees aboard the station fleeing the Terran Incursion

OUTCOME A Terran Battlecruiser seized control of the station using explosives surgically placed in civilians beforehand


  • LTJG Veneela Sovum
  • PO Farrain [KIA] (NPC)
  • Valore ( @Valore ) DM

NARRATIVE Myself and Petty Officer Farrain departed for the Omega Station on schedule at 2300 local time carrying a full compliment of Medical supplies to give to the station. Concerned about travelling so close to high lanes of traffic, I advised the Petty Officer to keep Short and Lon Range scans going for the duration of the mission as an early warning of sorts should we need to leave.

The above mission proceeded apace, having made contact with the station authority we delivered the requested supplies before being asked if we could help the nursing staff rend aid to a fresh batch of refugees that had just arrived on station earlier in the day.
Most wounds were burn and shrapnel related, the vessel that had ferried them to safety had experienced a catastrophic hull breach wounding most of the refugees on board. I tended to the first patient, gave them a local numbing agent and pain medication before extracting the shrapnel and dressing the wounds.

As I moved on to the second patient, the Petty Officer informed me of a signal on long-range scans but nothing was definitive at that point, so I decided to go on with treatment. The Second patient, now in Sickbay aboard the U.S.S Endeavour in a quarantined section, also had major lacerations but upon my arrival to his bed, he asked for help complaining of acute Stomach pain. Suprised by this I scanned his stomach and found an acute concentration of Baradium.

Once the Petty Officer had advised me the signal was inbound to the station I began to speed up my treatment when I heard the unmistakable ring of a PADD in close proximity. I inquired with the patient if they needed me to step away for a moment to answer that, to which I was told he didn’t have a PADD and instead raised up his shirt to reveal stitches in his midsection and the ringing emanating from within.

I advised the Petty Officer that we may have a potential bomb and instructed him to alert the nursing staff and the Station director as I wheeled the man off to the docking bay in a desperate attempt to localize any potential explosions to a shielded area. I was able to successfully remove the explosive device and put the patient into a medically induced stasis just as the Battlecruiser identified as the I.S.S Hydra landed outside the station.

Before I could react further the station itself was rocked by several rapidly cascading explosions causing a loss of power temporarily and a hull breach on several decks. Alone with the station’s transporter engineer, I instructed him to seal off the docking bay as I made my way to the command area to find the Petty Officer and redirect power to the transporter pads to beam the Explosive device still active, out into space, preferably targetting the Terran Battlecruiser assaulting the station.

This, however, was not meant to be, as I entered the Promenade I came to the realization that the explosions happened from within, and that there was an active firefight happening between Terran forces and the remaining station security Personnel. Opting at that moment to still fulfil my task of rerouting power, I continued on but was eventually stopped by a voice I know well enough to not forget. The Mirror Version of Commander Valore.

After observing the Mirror Captain Valore execute Petty Officer Farrain, I raised my own weapon as she began to speak with me. Advising me that Starfleet was predictable and that the explosives were of her doing. As our conversation proceeded herself and the guard closed the distance between myself and the body of PO Farrain and I was unable to recover it.

Before I withdrew from the station, Mirror Valore gave me an IFF device presumably that marked our runabout as friendly to the battlecruiser who was opening fire on any vessels outside. The Device itself is already on its way to Fleet Headquarters so it might be reverse engineered

RECOMMENDATION I recommend we return in force to retake the station, liberate the civilians and end that ship’s reign of terror in our universe. Also Strongly recommend new ships arriving at refugee centers have their occupants scanned for illicit materials or Baradium. I suspect Captain Valore wanted that message to be delivered.

RECOGNITION I would like to posthumously recognise Petty Officer Farrain for his service and dedication and courage even as the situation was grim.

OOC This went from a ‘hey this would be cool ven’ to having alot of impact in a very short amount of time. Thank you Valore for the really fun event, you’re a fantastic GM and more people need to know that.