AAR: Operation Fracking Required

Filed By:
LCDR Suvik

LOCATION Visuvu System, Doza Sector.

MISSION Remove Starfleet presence from Visuvu and claim the planet.

OUTCOME Success.


  • CAPT Varley, ISS Attenborough
  • LCDR Izly, ISS Birk
  • LCDR Suvik, ISS Joe Exotic

NARRATIVE Having halved the Starfleet defense force with the success of Operation Gas Pains, this mission proceeded according to plan. Above listed starships returned to Visuvu and assaulted the remaining defenders.

Though our numbers were even, our crews were fatigued by repeated battle and the Starfleet crews were still enraged by the loss es their comrades suffered previously. They fought hard and put up a respectable resistance.

The ISS Birk suffered damage in the engagement and was forced to withdraw, but this was only a momentary setback. In the end, all three Starfleet ships defending Visuvu were destroyed, granting the Terran Empire space supremacy in the system.

RECOMMENDATION We must begin strip-mining this planet immediately. Its native population poses no threat, and so the process should be relatively painless. For us, at least. The resources we can extract from this primitive world will fuel our war effort for weeks to come.

RECOGNITION Against all odds, a humble Vulcan logistics officer has risen to be the most fearsome starship tactician in the battlefleet. I recommend my own immediate elevation to the rank of Supreme Leader, and that I be designated Overlord of the Prime Universe. I would still be answerable to our Emperor, of course, but he will no doubt require a loyal and effective iron fist in this universe when his conquest of the multiverse is complete. It is only logical that I fill that role for which I have proven myself uniquely qualified.

OOC We ran the Clash Above Ceron patrol mission, substituting House Mo’Kai for Starfleet defenders. This one was a little tougher than we thought it was gonna be, and poor Izly died! Thankfully, we were able to complete the mission anyway!