AAR: Operation Rasputin Conclusion

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LOCATION Asteroid Field/Nebula, Agrama Sector, Beta Quadrant

MISSION Strike on base operating Romulan Empire “Q” ships.

OUTCOME Strike successful. Q ships eliminated. Base destroyed.


  • USS Forrestal
  • 10th Carrier Wing

NARRATIVE On above listed stardate, USS Forrestal and the embarked 10th Carrier Air Wing executed a strike on a reported location of Romulan Star Empire (RSE) “Q” ships. These ships were disguising themselves as transports and civilian ships, in an attempt to supply RSE forces, and to attack Federation starships. It is reasonable that one of these starships were already encountered by this command during its attack on the Romulan reinforcement convoy on Stardate 100476.3.

The attack was carried out in phases:

Phase One: Electronic Warfare fighters from VAQ 140 were deployed to the system to confirm the presence of the base, and to ascertain the strength of enemy forces at this location. The base was determined to be well equipped, as well as having six “Q” ships docked, and an unknown amount of Scorpion Fighters for base defense.

VAQ 140 proceeded to act as a random Federation recon patrol, and immediately left the area when approached by Scorpion fighters. Prior to leaving, a navigation beacon was dropped deeper into the system. This would be used for Phase Three.

Phase Two: USS Forrestal arrived in the edge of the operational area, deploying VFA 21, VFA 100, VFA 188, VFA 212 and VFA 230 for the primary attack. Fighters formed up in squadrons and proceeded to make course for the target at maximum impulse. Forrestal proceeded to warp out of the system. VFA 123 and VFA 201 were held in reserve.

Once Forrestal departed, the main attack began. Attack was split, with three squadrons focusing on station defenses and Q ships, with two squadrons being used for fighter cover. RSE Scorpion defenders were quickly eliminated, clearing up the fighter screen to assist in the main attack. At this time, Phase Three was executed.

Phase Three: During the execution of Phase Two, Shuttle Six was deployed with the attack. Shuttle Six made course for the navigation beacon and took it under tow via tractor beam. Shuttle Six was escorted into the engagement zone during the attack, at which time it dropped the beacon, also ensuring it was active.

Once the RSE fighter screen was cleared, and the attack was well engaged by RSE forces, it was determined (as expected), that the Q ships would attempt to undock and retreat from the area. At this time, USS Forrestal arrived in the middle of the engagement, using the navigation beacon as its arrival target. Forrestal’s arrival resulted in the immediate destruction of one Q ship by ramming, and two others by heavily focused firepower. Remaining three Q ships were destroyed by concentrated torpedo attacks by fighters.

Once the Q ships were eliminated, all forces engaged the asteroid base the Q ships were operating from. Base defenses focused on USS Forrestal, causing minor damage, but were quickly eliminated by precision fighter attacks. Once base defenses were down, three shuttles were launched to capture the base, as well as an additional element of security forces transported aboard the base once the shuttles landed.

Base was captured, but all vital information had been destroyed by base defenders. USS Forrestal security forces evacuated wounded and prisoners, and then set the base’s power core to overload. Base was destroyed by catastrophic core explosion.

Prisoners being sent via security courier to Federation space.

Casualties: Loss of 10 Valkyries and one Shuttle. All but two pilots recovered either by shuttle or transporter. Twenty-two injured and four fatalities aboard Forrestal during the engagement.

RECOMMENDATION Starfleet Command must be fully aware of all ships entering and leaving RSE space. Unknown if the six ships destroyed were the only Q ships in operation. Initial interrogation of prisoners suggest this to be the case, but caution is warranted.

RECOGNITION Recognition to 10th Carrier Air Wing for another expertly executed attack. Recognition to crew of USS Forrestal for professionalism and grace under fire.

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