AAR: Operation Velvet Thunder - Dartius

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CAPT Andrej A. Timoreev, USS Attar

LOCATION Dartius system, Doza Sector

MISSION Collect intelligence on Terran movements in the Dartius System, with the freedom to take action should the tactical situation proved advantageous.

OUTCOME Dartius system liberated from Terran occupation. Creation of a subspace tear stopped.


  • RDML S. Bishop
  • CAPT A. A. Timoreev

NARRATIVE Admiral Bishop came on board the Attar to inform her Commanding Officer of the decision to send the Attar into the Dartius system, in order to investigate the origin of some unidentified signals coming from the system. The Attar departed immediately for the new area of operations. Upon entering the system, scans revealed the Terran presence to amount to two escort-type units and one research vessel. Tachyon radiatios were detected behind the screen of Terran vessels.
The latter immediately noticed the presence of the Attar, and the two escorts moved to intercept. They hailed the Attar after launching a few warning shots, ordering her to withdraw or face retribution. The Commanding Officer of the Attar and the Admiral concurred that such a behavior from the Terrans could mean that there was something, in the system, they wanted to keep secret.
The Commanding Officer decided to delay confrontation for as long as possible, by attempting to negotiate with his Terran counterpart, meanwhile using the ship’s sensors to collect as much data as possible. However, hostilities began soon after, and the Attar was forced to face both escorts.
Feigning a retreat, the Attar launched a direct stream of ion particles onto one of the escorts, destroying it, but found itself locked in heightened confrontation with the surviving Terran escort. Under suggestion of Admiral Bishop, the ship locked her Terran adversary with a tractory beam, sending a full volley of torpedoes against it. Unfortunately, the maneuver also allowed the Terrans to attack once again the Attar’s shields, which subsequently dropped, allowing for the immediate sending of a Terran boarding team on the bridge. A brief firefight ensure, led by Admiral Bishop, while Captain Timoreev kept his attention focused on the enemy ship, which was destroyed shortly after. With the boarding party similarly defeated, the Attar moved to intercept the research vessel.
Now at closer range, it was possible to ascertain that the Terran vessel was opening a subspace tear, working to enlarge it further. The Attar immediately fired to disable the vessel, which managed to go into warp, escaping the system and enlarging the tear further.
Under orders of Captain Timoreev, the Attar launched an inert torpedo against the tear, at the same time charing both her main and secondary deflectors with ion particles (in a way similar to the procedure previously followed against the Terran escorts). Once the torpedo was close enough to the tear, both deflectors envelopped it into a highly-ionized and directed particle stream. The torped was then detonated, with the resulting detonation closing the rift.
A message was sent to the fleet in order to ask for immediate backup, while the Attar moved back to DS13.

RECOMMENDATION Defenses of the Dartius system should be immediately strengthened. Also, further analysis should be undertaken in order to ensure that the subspace rift is entirely sealed, and to eventually further understand the technique used by the Terrans to open it, as it may pave the way for enhancing our knowledge of their technology in this field.

RECOGNITION I would like to personally commend admiral Bishop. His bravery and quick reactions literally saved my life when the Terrans attempted boarding my ship.

OOC Thank to @drcrippler for managing the session!