AAR: Pariah Colony Escort and Building Checkup

Stardate 90690.4
Report Submitted: CENT t'Veras

The team assembled in the conference room at the beginning of sigma shift. Due to the previous illness contracted by some of the scheduled away-team officers, replacements were found and briefed by Lt. Commander Sedai. Along with the four colony generators recently transferred from the Romulan Republic freighter, the cargo manifest included colony support supplies.

SS Victory, USS Phoenix, USS Salvador and RRW Vastara met the freighters at the warp-in point and accompanied them without incident to the Pariah Colony. No enemy contacts were made at any point in the journey, which was extremely uneventful.

I, alongside Freighter Captain McCarthy, Lieutenant Althea and Sergeant Zepher, oversaw the unloading of the freighters and then went to survey the new building projects. The storage facility and communications tower are both nearly complete, with the construction foreman reporting their full completion by the arrival of the next supply convoy.

Three of the four Romulan colony generators were functioning well by our departure. The fourth is older and will need to be installed by an expert, so in consultation with colony engineers the decision was made to leave it uninstalled until it can be looked at by Subcommander T'Varros or an equivalent expert.

We returned to Deep Space 13, again with no incident.

// CENT A. t'Veras


Officers Involved:

Sedai, Lt. Cmdr.
t'Veras, Centurion
Althea, Lieutenant
Zepher, Sergeant
McCarthy, Dawsons