AAR: Pariah Conduit

From: SCDR Mandukar, Warbird D'Ishae
To: DS13 Command, Pariah Colonial Board
CC: CMDR Aeregon, CPT R'Zo-vek
Re: Pariah Counter-Borg Operation

::Translator ACTIVE::


In cooperation with Battle Group Omega, an assault force of five Task Force Argo vessels and two away teams were scrambled to engage and neutralize a Borg transwarp conduit in the rogue planetary system Pariah. The ships and personnel involved are as follows:

U.S.S. Paragon, CAPT Aina Harker
U.S.S. Okinawa, CAPT Jack Buchanan
U.S.S. Saga, CAPT Jarus Vrexx
Ernasot, AMB Drexia
R.R.W. D'Ishae, myself
Team R'Zo-vek
CAPT R'Zo-vek
Team Aeregon
CMDR Athini Aeregon

Space operations proceeded as follows.

Battle group warped into the Pariah system within visual range of the transwarp conduit. Enemy defensive craft consisted initially of a single Borg cube, but as the target was a transwarp gateway the point is rendered somewhat moot. After neutralizing the cube, D'Ishae approached the conduit under cloak and inserted the away teams, at which point all strike force vessels engaged the conduits supporting generators.

It was at this point that another two cubes and approximately a dozen spheres emerged from the gateway. Thankfully they did not all arrive simultaneously, allowing the battle group to destroy the attacking vessels as well as the nanite generators tethered to the conduit.

Following the destruction of its support structures a Borg Tactical a Cube was brought in to defend the transwarp conduit, though we were able to destroy it without any notable damage to our own ships. D'Ishae moved to extract the away teams, again under cloak, while remaining ships engaged a second tactical cube. Once all members of the away teams were secured the cube and gateway were destroyed, and all Task Force elements returned to DS13.

On a personal note, I would like to take this opportunity to commend the commanders and crew of the Okinawa, Paragon, Saga, and Ernasot for taking on the brunt of the Borg forces while D'Ishae was cloaked, and to the men, women, and nongendered who risked their lives aboard the conduit. May the Elements always be so accommodating.

Warbird D'Ishae
Davin Mandukar