AAR: Planetary Defense Simulation (Starfleet)

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Capt. Barron, Maikull

LOCATION Yuhop System

MISSION Perform Simulated Orbital Invasion, and test of Defense Measures.

OUTCOME Informative


  • Captain Maikull Barron - Systems Command/Control Operator
  • Captain Linore - Command of U.S.S. Wellesley (Galaxy-X Class)
  • Commander Jessica Barron - Command of U.S.S. Dallas (Excelsior Class)
  • Commander Tyrstoc - Command of U.S.S. Moytura (Narendra Class)


During the week, Argo Personnel have been hard at work setting up defensive measures for the Talos Junction Outpost. Three Primary Shield Generators (Alpha, Bravo, Gamma) have been stationed in low orbit which shield the Outpost from general detection and bombardment. Along with these, several Defense Platforms were stationed in proximity to each Shield Generator to act as a defensive measure, in conjunction with a Starship Taskforce.

An Invasion Simulation with Live Starships was conducted to ‘stress test’ these defenses against a large invasion force, as what was projected to have appeared in the Irtin System.

Left to Right: USS Moytura, USS Dallas, USS Wellesley

Test one, saw a task force of the three aforementioned ships up against a large fleet of randomly generated enemies (A Voth Battlefleet). The exercise was a resounding failure, with all three ships being overwhelmed, and all three shield generators being destroyed before the estimated test time expired. The simulation projected estimated damages to both USS Dallas (EPS Conduit Damage and Multiple Hull Breaches) and USS Moytura (Shield System Malfunction, Auxiliary System Malfunction, and Projectile Launcher Damage).

Reviewing the Data, it was found that the Defense Platforms were not suitable to properly support the defending starships in defense of the shield grid, especially given their high-target priority to enemy forces. Without starship back-up the weapons platform was unable to properly penetrate enemy shields before it was disabled/destroyed. Modifications were made to these platforms, and recommendations have been pushed to replace these with one or more of the following:

  • Quantum Torpedo Platform [Tactical]
  • Tachyon Beam Satellite [Science]
  • Barrier Field Generators [Engineering]

An Amalgamation of these assets working together was theorized to be able to hold off an initial assault until reinforcements could arrive, as well as continue to properly support defensive teams while they engage with the enemy. It took approximately 30minutes to reupload the new data into the simulation matrix, and the Task Force was able to run a secondary tes.

The secondary test was, for intense and purpose, a success with the three starships able to hold back a new randomly generated fleet (This time, Tholians). By the end of the 10 min operation, Shield Generator Alpha was at 75% Integrity, Shield Generator Beta was just below 50% Integrity, and Shield Generator Gamma was at 100% Integrity. The modifications to the Defensive Platforms around the Shield Generators proved quite effective in increasing a defensive position.

It is recommended that Operational Assets be mobilized from 38th Fleet Command to Talos Junction for deployment for Outpost Defense, as well as any pending engagement use against enemy forces. (easier to deploy here than having to transfer all the way from Aldebaran). Mining the System is also recommended (with mining paths encrypted to all Starfleet/Allied Vessels) to prevent any infiltration, given the Terran’s willingness to use any means (Including Cloak) to achieve victory. Also suggesting a Spinal Lance be installed Planeside, to act as Surface-to-Low Orbit defense measure.

RECOGNITION Special Thanks to Captain Alexandria Holmes (@Moose) for use of her starship in this excersize, as well as all participaing Commanding Officers, who took this simulation seriously, and provided excellent feedback.

OOC So, we played the Mission: Dranuur Gauntlet (TFO) on Advanced, and were HANDSOMLY handed our egos on the first round. However there was still time and interest to try again, so we ran it twice, and lucked out the second time around! VERY special thanks to @Space_Monkey and @Moocher for joining and making this Objective a Complete success!

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