AAR: Prisoner investigaton

Filed By:
BGEN Sadia Cynis

LOCATION USS Baton Rouge, Yuhop system

MISSION Interrogation of captured Terran officers

OUTCOME Success - information on enemy leadership and reason for invasion uncovered.


  • BGEN Sadia Cynis (I.K.S. Daramar)
  • CAPT Mishune sh’Sonora (U.S.S. Baton Rouge)
  • CMDR Jung Eunbi (U.S.S. (U.S.S. Endeavour)
  • LCDR Six Often (Deep Space 13)
  • LTJG Thyzee (Deep Space 13)
  • LTJG Veneela Sovum (U.S.S. Endeavour)

  • LT Tim Redeaux (prisoner)
  • LTJG Walter Hewett (prisoner)

NARRATIVE Varied team of specialist gathered on the U.S.S. Baton Rouge to interrogate the Terran Empire prisoners captured after the first battle at Itrin. They were captured in a failed attempt to take over Baton Rouge as a part of the infiltration team that snuck upon one of recovered starfleet escape pods, then attacked the crew of Baton Rouge in sickbay during triage. As a result, Baton Rouge suffered three dead, seven wounded, with three deaths and three captured from the team.
The interrogation methods (“good constable, bad constable” routine and surface telepathic scans) yielded results as follows:

  • The invasion force is led by Admiral Perim, of the I.S.S. Betazed. She has a powerful cohort of telepaths under her command (including MU version of LT Thyzee and at least one aenar) who regularly sweep their fleet for insurrection
  • The Terran task force consists of 60-65 vessels
  • The primary target of the invasion was Itrin Empire, or exactly, full destruction of their wormhole technology and any working knowledge of said technology. This means they had no prior knowledge of the actual power structure of this area before the invasion (Azedi Confederation).
  • The directive to destroy all traces of wormhole technology came directly from the Emperor. It is enforced so strictly that any Terran that gains even the smallest amount of working knowledge of the technology is also target for termination.
  • There are more infiltration teams in operation. After infiltration they are supposed to lay low for a while, and then cause what damage they could - assassinate flag officers, take control of ships, whatever opportunities presented themselves while pretending to be from our universe.
  • Other notable Terrans in their task force include: Lauren Varley (captain of ISS Saratoga), one Serah Grant (prominent engineer ‘from the shipyards’), and at least one Inquisitor (name not provided)

After interrogation, the prisoners were transferred to I.K.S. Daramar from were they will be processed to nearest Alliance penal facility.

RECOMMENDATION Presence of a team of powerful telepaths is definitely a reason for concern. LT Thyzee advised increased mental resistance training and development of technology that could ward off mental attacks. We should also be on the lookout for the Terran infiltration teams.

RECOGNITION LTJG Thyzee and LTJG Sovum for their above-the-duty efforts during the interrogation procedures.

OOC Thanks to Kermit for running the event and everyone else who participated.