AAR: Probe following

Stardate 96158.8
SCDR R'lmus
Level 2 - Confidential

LOCATION: Sector Alpha 7190

MISSION: Standard patrol route

OUTCOME: Azedi probe was followed until it was picked up by salvages.

Subcommander R'lmus

NARRATIVE: While out on standard patrol route, the Lykara picked up and begun to follow an Azedi probe. After following it for a time, the probe went dead on sensors. Upon arrival to the probe's last known location, it was discovered to be picked up by an unknown salvage ship design. After carefully monitoring their activities for a time and determining there was no threat to the Lykara, a channel was opened with the salvage vessel.

After a brief chat with the civilian captain, one citizen Rho, he infromed us that the probe was salvaged and was being taken apart to sell for profit, he also mentioned that the probe was heading towards somewhere near the border of 7190 and Kelterre.

After warning Rho to be careful near Azedi space, the line was cut. Once the salvage ship departed the area, the Lykara continued back to her patrol route.

RECOMMENDATION: None at this time.

OOC: A short RP run by @dandin384 on 2/27/2020