AAR: Profit's failure

Filed By:
CAPT Nimitz A.H

After Action Report

LOCATION Federation-Klingon Boarder

MISSION System patrol

OUTCOME Civilian distress call caught from inside Klingon space, Pegasus attempted to intervein, but was unable to save the vessel.


  • CAPT A.H. Nimitz
  • CMDR A. Samaras
  • CMDR Na’Toth

NARRATIVE The USS Pegasus was patrolling near the Klingon Boarder to insure the war zone did not spill out of Klingon space, around midway through our patrol, we begun to receive a distress call from a civilian transport within Klingon Space. Under the guide lines of the Khitomer Accords, the Pegasus entered Klingon Space to respond to the call and render aid.

We arrived to discover a Ferengi vessel under attack by members of the House Sorzal, the Pegasus attempted to talk down the Klingons with no success and took limited fire. Meanwhile the Ferengi ship refused our offer for aid.

The Ferengi ship was soon destoryed and the reporting officer ordered our exit from the syste, and to return to Federation space. However Commander Samaras noted that there was an odd fluxuation within our warp field and as soon as we dropped back inside Federation Space, we took a look and discovered the Ferengi escape pod had attached itself to one of our nacelles.

The reporting officer ordered the escape pod beamed directly into one of the Pegasus’ hanger bay where it was discovered that the occupants of the escape pod were none other then the Ferengi arms dealer Munz. As he had requested asylum, we took him into protective custody.

RECOMMENDATION Given the threat leveled upon the arms dealer Munz, and the nature of his occupation, I recommend he remains under protective custody indefinitely, or until the risk to his life from the House Sorzal is settled.

RECOGNITION All officers involved in this mission have proformed above and beyond expectations.