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CAPT Tungsten, D.

After Action Report

LOCATION DS13 Conference Room, and Embassy

MISSION Meet with the Zelvan Commissioner of State.

OUTCOME Intelligence acquired from the Zelvan Commissioner regarding the Speare corporation selling arms to “undesirable” customers, as well as the Tiyanki.


  • CAPT Tungsten, D.
  • CAPT Mirazuni, A.
  • LTJG Mekyu, S.
  • ENS Sovum, V.

NARRATIVE Several of us met with the Zelvan Commisioner for State at his request, where he proceeded to tell us that the Speare corporation, nominally a subsidiary of United Ballistics, which is a wholly Zelvan arms manufacturer, is engaged in more elicit arms sales, though Zelvan law tends towards an extreme interpretation of the free market, and cannot prohibit sales or exports. He went on to explain that Speare is a registered Ferengi corporation, but apparently run mostly by humans, and supplying arms to “unsavory characters”, and is responsible for at least some of the pro-war protests on their planet. I asked him if “unsavory characters” meant pirates, smugglers, or other foreign powers, which the Commissioner confirmed on all three counts. The Commissioner made a point of telling us that one of Speare’s biggest customers is a Tiyanki terrorist cell. I will return to that point later in the report. He also mentioned that Speare is apparently selling arms to the Xedi and Parin, who were reselling to Klingon factions in their civil war. I think we ought to have Starfleet Intelligence vet that statement further before accepting it as fact, however. I do not dismiss the possibility, but it is quite an accusation to be making, and should be treated with seriousness accordingly.

He then told us that United Ballistics is too powerful for them to act against, but he believes that if Speare were shut down, it would chasten them into falling in line with the government policy towards peace. It is my opinion there is at least a kernel of truth in that, and it may even be good for most of the sector to halt illicit arms sales, but of course nothing is ever simple.

The Commissioner sent us intelligence data to prove what he said about Speare’s operation, but he also gave us codes to their exterior security grid, and told us so during the meeting. There was heavy implication that he expected us to send a MACO team in there or otherwise sabotage their operations to shut them down. Being that the company is not a fully Zelvan entity, but rather run by humans with some autonomy as a subsidiary, and registered as a Ferengi corporation, we may actually have some legal basis for some form of intervention to halt their activities or shut them down. But, as I told the Commissioner, that is hardly crystal clear, even setting aside other effects this might have.

I left things at the point that we would review and make a decision on what, if any, action ought to be taken.

One of my biggest concerns here is that the Tiyanki have been buying their weapons from Speare. The rather libertarian nature of Zelvan law doesn’t really frown upon them selling to both sides of their own conflict, even if the government chafes at it slightly. And I am certain that last point is why this information has been shared with us. I also would not rule out many in the Zelvan government putting a short on Speare stock in anticipation of us taking action, as that is not illegal under their laws, either.

Lieutenant Mekyu and I went to meet with the Tiyanki Hierarch of Mysteries at the Embassy following the conference with the Zelvan Commissioner of State. The purpose, to ascertain if this “Tiy’s Revenge” was actually the terrorist cell the Zelvans claim it to be. The Hierarch was perhaps not as enthusiastic to declare them as such, but she did confirm they are a rogue element, taking more extreme actions than the government has sanctioned.

However, the Hierarch also confirmed that they are customers of Speare, and that is their primary source of arms. This of course, raises many other related problems. We do not want to shift the balance of power in this conflict even as we are trying to solidify the currently very fragile peace. The Hierarch did mention they would likely be able to find alternative suppliers, but that would almost surely come at a higher monetary cost, plus potentially a political one, as they do not trust the motivations of the Xedi or Parin, who would be their most likely replacement suppliers. It is for this reason that I am forwarding this report to Ambassador Perim. I believe the Hierarch was being truthful when I asked, and she said that there would likely be no other fallout with the Zelvans or the Federation if we cut off their source of arms there, but I think you can see where this could have potential consequences across the Doza Sector. Frankly, I think we need to do a lot of analysis on this before deciding on either action, or inaction.


  • Have Starfleet Intelligence review the Zelvan Data, to confirm the authenticity of illicit sales, and the possible involvement of the Xedi and Parin.
  • Conduct diplomatic and political analysis of the effects of intervening in this matter, particularly if the Tiyanki are driven to other suppliers.
  • If a decision is made in favor of action against Speare, have the legal experts confirm we are within our rights to intervene, and by what methods.

OOC Thank you again @Valore for another interesting continuation of this storyline, and I’m looking forward to future installments! Also, I want to ping @kermit and @Calyx , as I think there’s potentially more story hooks for the Diplomatic Corps. and Intelligence. Mission Transcript | Mission Brief

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Perim, N.

ADDENDUM Meeting conducted to determine diplomatic strategy for Zelvan-Tiyanki conflict, specifically with regard to the above report.


  • Ambassador Perim
  • CAPT Tungsten
  • LCDR Valore
  • LT Stern

CONCLUSION A plan of action was devised, to be implemented by the Starfleet 38th Fleet Peacekeeping Task Force in coordination with the FDC. Outline as follows:

  1. Starfleet will recontact Zelvan Commissioner of State to counteroffer with the cessation of Speare weapons sales to the “Tiy’s Revenge” terrorist organization, rather than shutdown of the entire company. Rather than assuring United Ballistics’ cooperation by hurting their profits, we intend to entice them with an opportunity for increased profits. The Federation’s assistance in the matter is contingent on the Zelvan government’s support for a peace treaty with the Tiyanki.

  2. If the Zelvan Commissioner is amenable, Starfleet will contact the Tiyanki government to make the reciprocal proposal. The Tiyanki will receive favorable conditions in peace treaty negotiations in exchange for disavowing the Tiy’s Revenge group. Note that the Tiyanki government must disavow Tiy’s Revenge and request Federation assistance in stopping their armament. Starfleet is authorized to communicate with that requirement in mind, however, it must be understood that without this element, Federation non-interference policies remain in effect and the plan cannot continue beyond this point.

  3. If both the Zelvan and Tiyanki governments have agreed, the Federation will approach Speare Corporation/United Ballistics to negotiate an end of their sales to Tiy’s Revenge. With a goal of stopping sales, the contract will need to be sufficiently lucrative to outpace those profits. Disregard of the evidence of illicit activities provided by the Zelvan Commissioner, and the potential extra security measures Starfleet might otherwise choose to impose upon the company, may serve as an additional inducement. In addition to simply stopping arms sales, the negotiation should impress upon Speare and its parent company that a peace agreement between the Zelvans and Tiyanki can and will be more profitable for them in the long term than an ongoing conflict.

  4. As it has been suggested that in the absence of Speare sourcing of weapons, Tiy’s Revenge is likely to turn to foreign entities such as the Kingdom of Parin and Isep Xedi II. As the final step towards ensuring our end of the bargain, the FDC will approach both of these governments and secure agreements from them not to sell arms to the group. Isep Xedi is expected to be the more challenging negotiation.

  5. With all of the above enacted, the Federation will facilitate another round of treaty negotiations between the Zelvans and Tiyanki, in the hopes that the spirit of cooperation fostered on this isolated issue will translate into a more genuine concerted effort to achieve a lasting stability in the region.

Captain Tungsten will remain the primary local point of contact, assisted by FDC Attaché Lieutenant Stern, and supported by myself via subspace.