AAR: Raid on Denovora System (MU)

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CAPT Varley, L.

LOCATION Denovora System, Doza Sector.

MISSION Evaluate Federation defenses in Denovora System.

OUTCOME Success.


  • ADM Perim, N. ISS Betazed
  • CAPT Varley, L. ISS Saratoga
  • LT Izly, J. ISS Birk

  • USS Alexander ((Maikull))
  • USS Moytura ((Tyrstoc))
  • USS Pegasus ((Alistair))

NARRATIVE Betazed lead a task force consisting of Saratoga and Birk to the Denovora system, a heavily fortified position of the enemy. To assess their strength and divert forces from other key regions, we identified a patrol of comparable strength to our task force and engaged. Obviously we caught them unassuming, as we were able to quickly overcome one of their ships before any of ours could take structural damage.

As the battle continued it became clear we would be victorious in our skirmish had it run its natural course. However, as per our mission, reinforcements eventually arrived. An additional five Federation warships was sufficient to overwhelm us and we promptly retreated.

RECOMMENDATION Continuing to engage heavily fortified positions is proven to be an effective means of obscuring our strategy to the enemy and re-diverting their forces away from other locations.

OOC Thanks a bunch to Kermit and all participants for the impromptu SHIP fight! Let’s do it again sometime!