AAR: Raid on Klingon Supply Depot


Task Force Argo Command Team,

Following up on an intel report, 10 vessels from Task Force Argo conducted a raid on two Klingon forward supply depots hidden along an asteroid belt in the Gollib Cluster. Two teams conducted simultaneous raids on the supply bases. Both supply bases were destroyed, along with a significant amount of Klingon ships.

Starfleet losses were medium with some vessels losing more than 30 personnel. No ships were lost.

A recon of the main base alerted us to several types of supplies. These included:
  • Hand to hand and melee weapons
  • Food stores for a large contingent of personnel
  • advanced ship torpedoes
  • long range recon probes
  • fuel supplies for fighters and shuttles
  • ship repair parts
  • At least one Cardassian Dreadnought Missile

Participating vessels, recommended for future commendations for their actions include:
  • USS Patton
  • USS Hibernia
  • USS Eisenstein
  • USS Sutherland
  • USS Fort Stephenson
  • USS Alarimas
  • USS Moodle
  • USS Somerset
  • USS Destructor
  • USS Dan Daly

Memorial services for those lost will be scheduled by respective ship's captains and crews.

Report Complete

Commander Dae
Captain, USS Sutherland
Task Force Argo