AAR - Raid on Klingon Supply Lines.

To:Lt Jal'Shan; Commander Dae; Commodore Ashworth
CC: Task Force Argo Command; Starfleet Command
Subject: Klingon Supply Base Report

To whom it may concern,
U.S.S. Patton took part in a 10 ship raid on Klingon supply base's which were holding supplies for the main fleet preparing to attack Starbase 381 and the 26th Fleet in around one week. Patton scrambled Valkryie and Vampire squadrons and ordered them to protect science vessel Eisenstein. Patton fought well, destroying 3 Negh'Var's and helping to destroy one Bor'Tas Class. At this time, Patton was boarded by around 35 Klingon warriors. Defense teams were dispatched, led by Lieutenant Jhymen. After 15 minutes of heavy fighting, I gave the order to blow out the Shuttlebay where the Klingon's were held. This resulted in the deaths of ALL personnel in that area, including Lt Jhymen, my fiancé.

Patton continued the assault, eventually helping tow the Fort Stephenson out of the OA, before heading back to Argo

Captain Robert Thomson
Commanding Officer
U.S.S. Patton