AAR: Readjusting the Relay

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CPT Valencia, G

After Action Report

LOCATION X-7820 System, Xarentine Sector

MISSION Wipe out the data from the illegal Klingon relay station.

OUTCOME Klingon station destroyed. 12 prisoners taken.


  • CPT Valencia, G
  • CPT Varerus, E

  • CMDR Sakkhet

BACKGROUND Following the Mokai occupation of the planet of Uonas in the Xarentine Sector, this officer has been planning to lead a team to help resistance efforts on the planet. This was once delayed due to a leak compromising the team’s IDs. The relay station posed a threat to the team’s safe arrival on the planet so a plan was devised to take it out of action without being detected.

NARRATIVE Upon arrival, we detected the U.S.S. Zulfiquar engaging two cruisers, evidently on a mission to investigate the station. The U.S.S. Zulfiquar was slowly being overwhelmed by the cruisers. As we were on a mission of stealth, we were unable to directly assist the U.S.S. Zulfiquar, and used the distraction caused by the ship to board the relay station undetected.

Once onboard, CPT Varerus prepared explosives to destroy the station, whilst CMDR Sakkhet corrupted the data from the station with a variant of the Mokai virus. This officer distracted the station’s 12 inhabitants so that the others could complete the mission. In the end, this officer managed to render all 12 unconscious and beam them aboard the shuttle as prisoners.

Both CPT Varerus and CMDR Sakkhet were successful in their own missions, and we returned to the shuttle. On the shuttle, CMDR Sakkhet was able to send the Mokai virus to the cruisers, assisting the U.S.S. Zulfiquar, whom we later leaned managed to destroy one and capture the other.

We detonated the explosives on the station and completed the mission.

RECOMMENDATION We move forward with landing the team on Uonas to assist resistance efforts.
RECOGNITION Both members of the team performed exceptionally, leading to a professional entry and exit with no casualties.

OOC This is the AAR for the alternative event that took place instead of Guerrillas. Event logs available on request.