AAR: Reconnaissance of SK-427 System (Kr'Anadar Prime)

SUBMITTED: Stardate 94347.7 FILED BY: SCDR Taela t'Parnus SECURITY: Level 2 - Confidential

LOCATION: SK-427 System, Ponor Sector (Kr'Anadar Prime)

MISSION: Investigate the destruction of Kr'Anadar Prime by the Tzenkethi and search for any survivors or remaining assets of the Ascendancy, as well as any evidence of Dranzuli or Hur'Q presence in spite of the success of the Tzenkethi attack.

OUTCOME: Mission completed without incident. Kr'Anadar Prime confirmed to be lifeless. No signs of continued activity in system.

NARRATIVE: As ordered, Vauthil left the Federation station Deep Space 13 and proceeded to the Ponor sector under cloak. Transit was without incident, except for comm chatter regarding a "rogue" Gorn vessel reported to be operating in the vicinity of the Pico system, Vulcan sector. We arrived at the SK-427 system on or about stardate 94340. We did not detect any other ships, of any power, operating within the system.

Sensor scans and visual observation of Kr'Anadar Prime confirmed the planet has been reduced to a dry, dead husk, consistent with the use of Tzenkethi protomatter weaponry. Water and vegetation have been blasted away, leaving only scattered ruins. High-resolution scans of the surface revealed no signs of life post-dating the bombardment; nor did our deep scans pick up any survivors in underground shelters, or powered systems still in operation. The planet's spaceports appear to have been in heavy use at the time of the disaster; many shuttles and a few larger vessels were present on the surface, both crashed and soft-landed. There is a significant debris ring in orbit, a graveyard for both Rihannsu and Tzenkethi; wrecks of both sides show signs of damage from protomatter weapons.

We left the system on or about stardate 94345. Passage through Federation space was again without incident.

This concludes my report.

OOC: This report was filed with the Commander-General's Office under seal. It may be shared with other JSI commands, or Federation allies, at their discretion.