AAR: Reflection Rampart

Filed By:
CAPT Barron, Maikull

LOCATION Kilur System

MISSION Fortify system to prevent further Terran Incursion



  • Captain Maikull Barron (USS Alexander) - Middle
  • Captain Nathaa Thraz (USS Saratoga) - Right
  • Commander Tyrsoc (USS Moytura) - Left

USS Alexander, under escort of USS Saratoga, and USS Moytura entered the Kilur System with several defense satellites to help set up a defensive grid in the system and prevent further Terran Occupation. The Defense Grid consisted of three “Rings” of various automated weapons platforms. Primary Defense Platforms consisted of Initializing Heavy Phaser Beam Turrets in orbit around a large asteroid. This deployment went off without a hitch. However, as The USS Alexander made its secondary pass, arming the Secondary Defense Platforms (Heavy Phaser Cannon Turrets) a small patrol of Terran Escorts entered the system. Between the Primary Defenses, USS Saratoga, and USS Moytura, the Terrans were repelled and the Secondary Platforms were deployed. While the Tertiary Defense Platforms were being deployed (Heavy Photon Torpedo Turrets) and tactical systems being linked with the former two rings, three more waves of Terran forces attempted to stall/delay the Task Force. Ultimately The defenses were fully deployed, armed, and even tested against the Terrans with great success.

This officer recommends closely monitoring this system to ensure that the ‘Corridor’ between Doza and Itrin is no longer traversed by the Terrans, locking them out from free movement between the two Campaign Theaters.

Played the Delta Quadrant Patrol: Satellite Defense with @Space_Monkey and @kermit. Had a slight logistical snaffu at the beginning, but with no opposing Terrans, we were able to complete the mission with ease!