AAR: Refugee Refusal

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CMDR Sedai, Katriel

After Action Report

LOCATION New Sahara Federation Colony

MISSION Investigate reason for colony’s refusal to accept and process Klingon refugees. Negotiate terms for resuming refugee processing operations if possible.

OUTCOME Discovered colony council halted in-processing of refugees due to concerns of cultural assimilation and increased crime rates. Additional investigation uncovered a Klingon internment/labor camp where Klingon prisoners, who were officially assumed previously deported, were being held after being framed for crimes of vandalism and arson. 27 refugees recovered.


  • CAPT Hanson
  • CAPT Mirazuni
  • CAPT Tungsten
  • CMDR Sedai
  • LT Shea (RRF)
  • ENS Sovum

NARRATIVE Arrived with USS Dragon and USS Sunrise to meet the USS Endeavour in system. Away party beamed down to planet to meet with CAPT Mirazuni who gave brief overview of what she’d discovered so far. While CAPTs Mirazuni and Hanson continued to investigate recent events, the rest of the away team proceeded to visit the immigration processing center.

CAPT Tungsten, LT Shea proceeded to speak with an employee inside while I opted to speak with a civilian protestor just outside the building. Civilian was accommodating and informed me of the colony council’s intentions to pass formal legislation for a ‘refugee ban’, which he intended to petition against. By offering to help gather the requisite 1500 signatures, away team was able to procure an audience with colony governor Zog.

CAPT Tungsten and I proceeded into this meeting while the others continued to look into the supposed recent criminal records and events attributed to refugee violence. Governor Zog was friendly, but also fairly disinterested in negotiations of any kind, given the evidence he seemed assured that he had. As meeting progressed, I received updates from the investigation group which had discovered an illegal Klingon internment camp that they proceeded to liberate.

CAPT Tungsten delivered this news to Governor Zog before we departed the meeting.

RECOMMENDATION Follow-up with Governor Zog to make sure appropriate action is taken regarding the internment camp and those responsible for its creation, operation, etc. I am not able to read Ferengi well, but I had the sense that he would be willing to change his mind in the light of new evidence. Encourage discarding refugee ban legislation and pursue negotiations for re-opening refugee procession and related social programs.

RECOGNITION I was not privy to numerous aspects of this mission, but for actions taken within my view, all officers performed adequately.

OOC Thanks for GMing, @Sam. Mission brief link: 6th May | Refugee Refusal. Sam said I could make up a colony name.