AAR: Return to Anides V

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LT S'Slaask


MISSION Render medical aid and assistance to Anides V.

OUTCOME Partial success. Vaccine efficacy improved, but only a small percentage of the population was inoculated. Vaccine formula and delivery methods were transmitted to colony government, without confirmation successful distribution. Status of colony unknown.


  • CAPT Mirazuni
  • LCDR Often
  • LT S’Slaask
  • LTJG Yont
  • ENS Sovum
  • CDT Aetah

NARRATIVE DS13 Medical team accompanied USS Endeavour on mission to render medical aid and assistance to Federation colony Anides V, suffering from affliction affecting primarily the human portion of the population. Injectable vaccine previously developed by Endeavour crew.

Away team directed to “not take no for an answer”, over this officer’s objections. Upon arrival, CAPT Mirazuni spoke with colony mayor. Arrangements made for mandatory vaccination of population.

Away team consisting of officers listed transported to planet’s surface. Dr. Yont and CAPT Mirazuni organized start of orderly vaccination of colonists, began administering vaccine doses. Remaining personnel intended to work on alternative delivery methods.

Aerosolized and oral solutions formulated. Small trial conducted on aerosolized formulation, complete success. New formulation found to be more effective, more efficient, and faster-acting than original formulation. Result of oral solution efforts unclear, though likely made redundant by aerosolized formulation efficacy with injectable back-up. Requested permission to implement widespread distribution of aerosolized vaccine. Permission denied by CAPT Mirazuni. Away team ordered to return to ship.

Despite clear clinical advantages, and ability of Endeavour to quickly and effectively disseminate this version to entire population from orbit, we inexplicably departed without doing so, instead simply providing the formula and plan to the colony’s mayor. No guarantee or confirmation was given that the colony was capable of synthesizing the new vaccine formulation, or that they had the transporter systems necessary to distribute it effectively.

When questioned about this apparent disregard for providing best possible standard of care to the colonists, Captain Mirazuni refused to offer an explanation.

RECOMMENDATION It is my recommendation that Fleet Command immediately order Endeavour to return to Anides V and distribute the vaccine in an aerosolized form via transporter – or at the very least, ensure that the treatment provided in Starfleet’s absence has been completed and is effective.

RECOGNITION I am told that Captain Mirazuni boldly signs her name using both her commissioned rank and post-nomial. On this mission, she appeared to act with the competence and disposition of neither.

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CDT Aetah

ADDENDUM At the briefing, this officer was assigned to take notes. Per LT S’Slaask’s recommendations, the notes took the form of illustrations with the attribute of possessing many pretty colors. They are attached below. Each individual is color-coded.

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CAPT Mirazuni, A

Whilst the team was creating the vaccine, I took LCDR Often and CDR Aetah to the suspected place the disease started. The darkness of the mine made it difficult for the LCDR and myself to progress, but CDT Aetah was able to navigate the darkness with ease. There, we found evidence of a location purposefully created as well as some sort of burner. The burner was transported back to the ship for further analysis. Following the success of the airborne vaccine creation, we all returned to the ship, on my behest.

As Lieutenant S’Slaask was neither a member of the ship, nor a senior officer, he was not privy to the discussions made by this officer and the governor of the planet. Given that the government of the planet was best placed to decide how to transmit the vaccine to their own populace, this officer opted to give the agency to their government. We remained in orbit until the vaccine was rolled out.

RECOMMENDATION Analysis of the burner to determine the creator of the disease.

RECOGNITION All members performed well. Credit is due to Lieutenant Yont, who performed the inoculations with ease, as well as CDT Aetah and LCDR Often, who were helpful in the cave.

LT S’Slaask’s guiding words to CDT Aetah’s notes were also noted and recognised. The Cadet should attempt to emulate the Lieutenant’s intuition and initiative.

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