AAR: Road to Peace

To: RADM Quint, E. (@Quint)
CC: @TF.Dove
From: LT Valore
Subj: Update: TF Dove


Following TF Dove’s insertion into Itrin Station, multiple contacts have been established. The cover as traders/smugglers appears to have born significant fruit, as we have developed multiple contacts and acquired several different contracts for conducting business in the Confederecy of Azed - including our intended destination of Ralin.

Given that, I now formally request permission to have Task Force Dove enter the Azedi Exclusionary Zone and pursue the ultimate goal of Plan A.

I have attached the After Action Report to this communication.

Lieutenant Valore
Administrative Yeoman,
Office of the Admiralty


Filed By:
Lieutenant Valore, S.

After Action Report

LOCATION Itrin Station, Itrin Sector

MISSION Acquire contacts to pursue entrance into the Confederacy of Azed.

OUTCOME Contacts, cargo, and contracts acquired.


  • LCDR Sideris, N.
  • LT Valore
  • LT Aev
  • LT Khet, M.
  • PO1 Brohm, C.

NARRATIVE Upon our arrival, the party split into three groups to address different opportunities that had arisen as the result of reconnaissance. Given that this officer had taken up the role of the freighter captain, I had proceeded to the first point of contact - meeting with an individual known to give out shipping contracts for jobs within the Confederacy of Azed.

The meeting itself was short. This officer had taken steps to appear benign and simply in search of commercial activity. The meeting with Tale Mani, the benefactor, led to a standard contractual negotiation and eventual signing. Closed containers promised to not be explosive in nature were loaded upon our vessel, and we were to proceed to the Confederacy and trade them for weapons. Our ‘payment’ is half of the weapons the Azedi would provide.

Concluding this deal, this officer proceeded to the station’s brig where Lieutenant Commander Sideris and Lieutenant Khet were present. They had orchestrated a brawl with one of the other ship crews that deals in Azedi space. As a result, a deal had been struck prior to this officer’s arrival that they would trade their cargo and contract to us in return for being bailed out of the brig. This officer commends the strategic thinking of the two officers involved.

During the debriefing, Petty Officer Brohm reported to us that the third vessel that we could replace as a competitor had taken her aboard their ship for a job interview as a pilot. During this time, the warp core had been sabotaged by the petty officer, leaving them out of play.

As the result of these actions, Task Force Dove has significant leeway to operate in Azedi territory under the premise of commercial activity. As of this moment, this officer does not believe that we have aroused suspicion.

RECOMMENDATION This officer recommends that Task Force Dove proceeds towards the ultimate objective, utilizing our acquired contacts and resources to proceed directly to the Azedi agri-commercial capital of Ralin.

RECOGNITION This officer commends the indirect and strategic thinking of all personnel involved. The entirety of this operation is unconventional and requires considerable dedication and adaptation away from normal procedure. The abilities of personnel to act smartly and wisely in a hostile environment to the benefit of Operation Dove without compromising our effectiveness is worthy of praise from this officer.

OOC Due to the unorthodox nature of Operation Dove, I decided to use a comms format instead. My thanks to Aev for running the event, it was fun. April 17 | Road to Peace


To: LT Valore
CC: @TF.Dove
From: RADM Emery Quint
Subj: Re: Update: TF Dove

Having reviewed and pressed the operation with Starfleet Command, permission is granted. You are cleared to proceed as planed and how you need to achieve the primary goal of this operation. To much is riding on the results to not push this matter.

Unofficially, all eyes are on the operation. If this fails the chain of events to move to other options will occur quickly. There will be minimal time to correct a misstep. I do not doubt the assembled team, I simply want you aware of the current state of affairs.

Emery Quint
Rear Admiral
38’th Fleet Argo Commanding Officer