AAR: RR-6445 System, Investigation of Abandoned Tal Shiar Base


TO CDR Nymas, CDR-GEN Rellir
CC : CDR Thue, LT Vaebn

SUBJ RR-6445 System, Investigation of Abandoned Tal Shiar Base
LEVEL 2: Restricted

Mission Abstract

Investigation of unknown signal in third planet of RR-6445 System. Signal identified jointly by M.I. assets and S.F.I. assets on DS13.


S/CDR Maiell - OIC
Lt. Vaebn
CDR Ailes

Mission Summary

At 1500 hours yesterday, station time, SFI and MI elements of DS13 identified an unknown signal originating from the third planet of the RR-6445 System. SFI and MI identified the planet as M-Class, albeit barely. Records from MI indicated the star system was a far flung Star Empire mining system before that governments' collapse. The signal itself was artificial, but long-range investigation could not yield much further. At 1800 hours, a message was received by the OIC of Militia Intelligence at DSEC, Wing-Commander N'hiara.

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"This is RRF-DSEC. We are aware you have recieved a transmission from RR-6445. Be advised that we will use our resources to handle it. You need not -trouble yourselves with this matter." The transmission abruptly cuts off.

At 2000 hours, myself and a few Intelligence Officers humble Comms Officers (Starfleet + Romulan) put out a request for available boots to assist us in investigating the signal. A small, joint squadron was then assembled and sent to RR-6445 III to investigate the signal.

Upon arrival in the system, the vessels immediately detected a large artificial compound on the planet's frozen surface. A team including all officers in the personnel section were beamed to the surface. Runabouts were also brought to the surface in the event transporter signals were rendered null.

Initially observations showed the location of the base. Protruding from large piles of snow was a massive stone wall. Two large watch towers guarded a gate which had been rendered null due to the extreme conditions. The team passed through the gate and into the facility compound.

Crates with traces of high quality ore (hypothesized for starships after refinement) were seen outside the main entry point of the facility. Additionally, pieces of debris (likely from starships) were identified. The debris in particular were emitting a noticeable, but still weak, electrochemical signal. Scans, unfortunately, were unable to determine a cause of the aforementioned electrochemical signal.

During investigation of the compound, a vessel flying low over the valley (200-1000m) was spotted. Snow afforded limited visibility, but it appeared to be Aelahl-class, Heavy Cruiser. Additionally, a squadron of Guard Marines wearing Republic colors, but no identifiable patches, were seen descending the nearby hill. Concluding our investigation time was limited, we quickly found a way through the security-locked entry-point of the facility.

The interior of the facility revealed its original owner: Tal Shiar. Equipment and uniforms that remained inside were quickly identified as mid 2370s, Dominion-war era. The source of the signal, too, was attributed in the southern control facility of the compound. An investigation of the computer terminals themselves afforded us information on a PROJECT MHIESSAN. Most of the data was wiped, but the project appeared to be focused on rendering warp-core engines null. Such a device, if it could actually be assembled, would have garnered a significant advantage to Tal Shiar elements until effective countermeasures were devised.

Additionally, personnel identified only as 'AGENT IFVIYDRAES' and 'AGENT ILUOIAN' were identified. As well, mining equipment, Cardassian in origin, was identified. Serial numbers indicated the equipment was from the United Bilitrium Mining Corp., a subsidiary of the New Lakarian Mining Company based out of Vanden Prime. The company is headed by Cardassian CEO Orrolsa Tariam. Lastly, the project itself appeared to have been stopped after 'AGENT IFVIYDRAES' went rogue and sabotaged their efforts.

As we prepared to leave, the Guard Marines we spotted earlier stormed the facility. Though they wore no badges, we could only guess they were from DSEC. Suffice to say, they were far from home. The Guard Marines opened fire on us, but elements of the team were able to promptly incapacitate them. The team then exited the facility, returned to allied ships, and returned to base.


Original objectives were accomplished, but more questions than answers arose.

Chiefly, the information on this PROJECT MHIESSAN will need to be researched in detail. Though we learned the original purpose of this project, the fact we encountered resistance to this investigation means it might not have been completely scrapped.

As well, Wing-Commander N'hiara's involvement needs to be researched. Though it was apparent she was not working for the project, it seemed as though she did not want others learning about the project.

Lastly, the Cardassian angle needs to be researched in more detail. I personally recommend a fishing trip to Vanden Prime in the near future.

If you have questions for me, I will make myself available. More importantly, I promise not to waste your time.


Stardate: 93236.5RR-6445 InvestigationReport Submitted: CMDR Ailes, B.Level 2: Restricted

On Stardate 93231.2, Starfleet Intelligence and Romulan Militia Intelligence both received transmission signals from a planet in system designated RR-6445. This system is a former mining system by the Star Empire; the Romulan Republic chose not to pursue mining there. The third planet barely qualifies as M-Class, it is frozen and nearly uninhabitable. The signals in question were artificial in nature, and although unidentifiable, were theorized to be a comms array of some kind.

Three hours before the briefing, MI and SFI received a message from Wing-Commander N'hiara, the head of MI in DSEC. Attached is the message received. It was rather aggressive and, to be frank, far outside of her jurisdiction.

Subcommander Maiell was placed in command of the mission and gave the other Officers their briefing. Officers were instructed to head to the RR-6445 system and investigate the signal originating from the third planet. Upon arrival, the existence of a Tal Shiar facility was found. It was beaten down and aged by the weather, the main gates actually destroyed.

Crates were discovered outside that held a small amount of ore and ore residue--all incredibly high quality. There was also wreckage of some kind that emitted an unidentified electrochemical signature.

A sealed door was also discovered, one that led to the interior of the compound. It required some complex work with the computer circuitry in order to open the door, even partway. The rest of the way it was forced open, physically.

While investigating the exterior of the compound, an Aelahl-class warship was spotted hovering overhead. Shortly thereafter, a small squadron of Reman Guard Marines were seen approaching the compound.

The team entered the compound and made its way through until the source of the signal was discovered. It was a computer terminal surrounded by more storage crates. The storage crates held Cardassian mining purification equipment--tracking the serial number led to identifying the equipment as belonging to the United Bilitrium Mining Corporation, a subsidiary of the New Lakarian Mining Company - headed by one Orrolsa Tariam.

This terminal itself described a 'Project Mhiessan.' It appeared to be the development of a war-disabling weapon of some sort. the project ended in 2387--first, an Agent Ifviydraes sabotaged it, then an Agent Iluoian ended the project completely.

After all of the information was gathered, the Reman Guard Marines trapped the team within the console room. After a short amount of time, it was determined that in order to escape with the information retrieved intact, the team was forced to engage the Guard in a short encounter. The squadron was ultimately taken down, albeit with some injuries to the team.

Once the Marines were incapacitated, the team escaped with all haste and returned to DS13 for debriefing.

Officers Involved:
Subcommander Maiell
Commander Beylara Ailes
Lieutenant Commander Rose Jinsoo
Lieutenant Vaebn

Commander Beylara Ailes
Commanding Officer, U.S.S. William Ockham

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"This is RRF-DSEC. We are aware you have recieved a transmission from RR-6445. Be advised that we will use our resources to handle it. You need not -trouble yourselves with this matter." The transmission abruptly cuts off.

Recipient: S/Cdr. Maiell, C/Gen. Rellir
Originating: Cdr. Nymas
Re: RR-6445 System, Investigation of Abandoned Tal Shiar Base



I have read your report with interest but fail to note any substantive evidences provided that allow us to say with certainty who the combatants were who fired upon you, what means were used to establish the identity of the vessel (the altitude of which is stated with such a wild disparity that the approximate size of the ship could be anywhere from a small frigate at low altitude to a dreadnought a kilometer above the surface). Additionally, did the combatants identify themselves at any point, and if so, by what means. If they did not, what means and evidences caused you to make a judgment about their identity. Again, provide all references to catalogued physical evidence (if any) so that I can make an official declaration of the likely involvement of Republic or other forces as opposing forces.

I am of a mind that this much be a Tal Shiar attack to spoil our attempt to investigate their facility. I if this were not the case we would be able to readily identify the offending warbird from duty reports I have had sight of for vessel operations in the local volume, but having researched this, I can find no Aelahl-class heavy cruisers listed as posted to this zone on this date and time. Given the weather conditions I invite you to reconsider your report.

Please treat this with the utmost urgency, I will be making a report in person to the General based on this fact finding.