AAR: Sam and Brie Risa Rescue

Stardate 96657.6
CMDR A. Samaras
Level 1 - Open

LOCATION: Risa, Risa System, Risa Sector

MISSION: Response to a potential lead on the whereabouts of CAPT Bishop and CPT Valencia

OUTCOME: Officers located. Drug cartel uncovered and apprehended

CAPT S. Bishop
CMDR A. Samaras
LCDR Klaarna
LT H. Kim ((NPC))
ENS A. White

CPT G. Valencia

NARRATIVE: After an earlier unofficial investigation seemingly placed Captain Bishop and Captain Valencia's absence down to recreational activities, a coded SOS signal was sent to the U.S.S. Endeavour with a private form of encryption that is known to the Captain. Assembling the above team (with the exception of CAPT Bishop and CPT Valencia), we arrived at the coordinates given; these were just outside what looked like a pre-fabricated compound, with some sort of weak shielding to prevent scans.

We approached and could see armed guards. Giving the order to knock out the guards quietly and painlessly, phaser fire and noise was heard from inside the compound. This was from an escape attempt by Captain Bishop and Captain Valencia, who had been captured earlier in the week when they accidentally stumbled upon the drug cartel during an evening run. Lieutenant Commander Klaarna and Ensign White moved to relieve fire on the Captains, whilst Lieutenant Kim and I stopped two other guards from escaping with the drugs.

When all the guards were subdued, the shielding was brought down and Risian security informed.

RECOMMENDATION: No action necessary; Risian security have taken over the investigation.

OOC: An impromptu event to conclude the Sam/Brie Risa frolicsomeness. Event logs available on request.