AAR: Sands of Time

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CPT Varerus

After Action Report

LOCATION Cloto IV, Cloto System, Ba’aja Sector

MACO Team 9 sent to Investigate as well as Search and Destroy ‘Hostile Mummified entities’ on Cloto IV due to suspected activity by them.

Mummified entities confirmed on Cloto IV and MACO Team 9 Started search and destroy mission. Settlement that was under siege was found and MACO Team 9 deployed to save the settlement. Efforts were good but the Settlement was overrun, with all non combatants evacuated. Team 9 down a member as LTC Hook stayed behind to provide a rear guard, currently MIA and is presumed dead.


  • LTC H. Hook
  • CPT A. Varerus
  • SGT K. Juulla
  • SGT T. Ten of Sixteen

MACO Team 9 had just landed on Cloto IV, parking the shuttle near the other shuttle craft that these ‘mummies’ are beloved to have acquired. Hook who was piloting had given the team experimental rifles which had 2 settings. One was normal phaser ‘rounds’ while the other experimental part of this rifle was the physical special ammunction. These ‘special’ rounds were estimated to be a better counter to the damage resistance these ‘Mummies’ seem to show to energy weapons. However, the ammunition was limited so the squad was under a ROE in their use.

After landing MACO Team 9 after getting the orders and ROE from Hook started our investigation into the ‘stolen’ shuttle, while making sure weapons were fully ready for any ambush that may arise from these ‘mummies’. Upon initial inspection there were obvious signs that this shuttle had been in this location for more than 2 weeks since sand had started to bury it.

While checking the outside of the Shuttle Hook ordered both me and Juulla to investigate inside the shuttle, to see if we could acquire any information from inside or the computers. While we were doing this Ten of Sixteen provided overwatch while Hook pulled connected a PADD to begin searching for information.

With quick observations of the interior of the shuttle done I proceed to continue to look around and provide cover for Juulla as she starts looking for a way to access the computer. Which she succeeded within quick succession.

Ten of Sixteen who were on overwatch outside observed signs of the ‘mummies’ and started scans to confirm it was them, which was then very quickly confirmed. Meanwhile Juulla was able to get repower and access the shuttle computer, finding out and confirming that there were originally 5 ‘Mummies’ in this shuttle, as well as confirming that they had laned 2 weeks ago which collaborated with the condition of the shuttle in the sand.

Hook was able to connect his PADD to the communications systems of the shuttle and recover some audio that originated from these ‘mummies’ ; what it was about was unknown at the time.

Soon after checking the limited sensor logs as well as other sources of information on the shuttle we were able to determine that one this shuttle originated from Starbase 113, Second that the life support had failed before the shuttle arrived on planet which leads into point 3. The ‘mummies’ seem to have converted the 3 person crew into ‘mummies’ explaining the 5 we were aware of that arrived with this shuttle.

With this all sorted out we headed out to a settlement in the distance which was spotted by Ten of Sixteen. While we were approaching it we were prepared for hordes of ‘mummies’ since the time frame we had found means it was very likely there were more than 5 ‘mummies’ on this planet.

After sometime we approached the settlement and took inaccurate fire from local militia, we proceeded to take cover and acquire the location of the shooter, Within moments Ten of Sixteen was able to find the location of the shooter. With the location found we held fire and Hook began attempting communications with the shooter.

Hook succeeded and very quickly and efficiently defused the situation, which then allowed us to approach and enter the settlement. Upon entering we were able to observe that the Settlement had been repeatedly attacked, since many buildings and the walls were damaged to some degree.

We found out soon after that the attackers were ‘mummies’ which were the same ones we are hunting, with this information Hook attempted to acquire more information to get a handle on the current situation and timeline of these attacks. However, before he could, a Militia member of the settlement called out that the ‘mummies’ were attacking again.

With quick and efficient instructions and reactions MACO very rapidly set up a defensive position above the settlement walls where the attack was coming from. With orders to not use the special ammunition to conserve ammo, we began engaging the approaching hordes of ‘mummies’ with normal phaser attacks on very high settings.

Quickly all of us switched to as high of a power setting we could to terminate the approaching ‘mummie’ horde. The numbers of ‘mummies’ attacking was very concerning and made it obvious that the initial 5 ‘mummies’ from the shuttle were able to infect hordes of other settlements and their people.

MACO Team 9 did a very effective defense, cutting down very numerous amounts of ‘mummies’ on the approach, however, their numbers were too many for us to stop them all. The Mummies were able to breach a wall section to our left, the Militia in that area doing their best to stop the horde, Their efforts for militia were ‘Satisfactory’ considering their combat skills.

With the numbers of attacking ‘mummies’ to the centre and right thinning a lot, MACO Team 9 started to switch our fire to the left side of the walls where the breach was. While I continued to deal with the rest of the ‘mummies’ on the centre and right walls. All the while I got my CQC melee gear ready for action since at any moment these ‘mummies’ from the left side can start attempting to attack us.

This proves wise as the ‘mummies’ coming in through the left breach had reached our positions and started to engage us in melee. Hook and Ten of Sixteen were jumped by ‘mummies’, which then started a struggle with the two, all the while the same was starting to happen to Juulla.

I switched to my melee weapon and attempted to assist my team mates, which proved helpful. Since Ten of Sixteen was able to defeat his ‘mummy’ attacker, with Juulla also able to deal with her ‘mummy’ which she then proceeded to assist me with helping Hook who was having trouble. We soon saved him and we were all back in the fight with our weapons.

At this time the ‘Mummies’ began to fall back from the settlement seemingly as fast as they could, while they did so MACO Team 9 continued to engage the reaterting ‘mummies’ to reduce their numbers to make the next time easier.

With the threat over we commenced damage assessments for the settlement, during this time it was discovered that Hook had taken a wound from these ‘mummies’ which was of concern. Juulla attended to him while me and Ten of Sixteen Checked around the Settlement to estimate the casualties and damage this settlement acquired.

There were more than 20 dead and wounded settlers from the aftermath and the militia, who had seen what had happened to people wounded by these mummies or killed by them. Resorted to desperate measures, executing the wounded via vaporization while the dead were burned. Even when the methods are very extreme and cold blooded it was an effective method for the Militia who had no cure. Me and Ten of Sixteen attempted to persuade the Milta to not do this action to the wounded, as well as attempting to give them another way, however, we were unable to convince them and considering the possibilities of what happens if we pushed it too much, we had to let them. Which then led to all the wounded settlers injured by ‘Mummies’ getting executed.

We regrouped with Hook and Juulla and confirmed that Hook had been infected, which was not a bad thing at the time since if we were quick and he could last long enough. We could have got to the shuttle and appropriate a cure. However, that had to be put on hold as we had to prepare ourselves and the settlement for another bigger attack which we expected was to happen at any moment.

To that end MACO Team 9 began to help with reinforcing the defences of the settlement, however, our recourse and time were limited but we were able to construct as well as organise the defences better. Soon our time was up as hours later the ‘mummies’ began to attack again, this time in even larger numbers.

Me and Ten of Sixteen were assigned to defend the left side where the breach in the wall was, while the other members of Team 9 and the settlement militia defended the other slides. As the ‘mummies’ approach we begin to open fire on them, doing our best possible with what we had available to engage them.

At this point we began to use our ‘special’ ammo more freely to help us with attempting to defeat this wave of ‘mummies’. For the first hour it seemed like we would be able to hold them. The left side where me and Ten of Sixteen were was holding and we had even made the ‘mummies’ begin to waver and pull back from our side, the Special ammo assisting us greatly in this endeavor.

However, the section of wall that the settlement Militia were on could not hold and the ‘mummies’ on that side breached the wall and began to swarm inside the settlement. The centre where Hook and Juulla were was holding for now.

With the walls breaching in multiple places where the Militia were and with no more ‘mummies’ attacking our side. Me and Ten of Sixteen moved as fast as possible to the centre of town to defend the non combatants from the ‘mummies’ after being ordered by Hook to do so. During this time my main weapon malfunctions and was jammed on the special ammunition, to this end I used it sparingly and began using my sidearm as well as melee weapons.

There were hordes of ‘mummies’ at this point all around the settlement with the remaining Militia forming pockets of defence to try and resist the attackers. Which is the point where all of MACO Team 9 ordered by Hook to evacuate all the civilians out of the settlement via a back door in the building they were in.

Hook, however, would stay and help with holding off these ‘mummies’’ horde while we escape with the civilians. Everyone acknowledged the order and we began getting the Civilians out of the settlement while the ‘mummies’ were being held off. We successfully got all surviving civilians out of the settlement and began our trip to get them far away as possible from the settlement.

While moving along with the civilians we came across in the distance another settlement that had already been overrun and destroyed by these ‘mummies’. To this end I finally decided that our best course of action was to get the shuttle and get all these people off the planet.

To that end, based on the condition of the Civilians I decided to take the quicker option and head back by myself to get the shuttle, then head back to pick up the Civilians. It had it’s risks but we were on a time frame so it was the best option at the time. I ordered the remaining members of MACO Team 9 to hold out under some shade that was found until I could get back with the shuttle.

We also at this time got a status update from Hook reporting that he and the remaining seltmanet defenders were still holding but starting to buckle. Along with this I asked the question to Hook if he wanted us to attempt to rescue him onces the Civilians were safe on the shuttle, he said yes to this but gave the stipulation that if we arrive back over and there is no response from him. Then we were to leave orbit and return to DS13 as well as get a qaritaine around the planet since it was infected with these ‘mummies’

After this I put the plan into effect and left all food, medical as well as water supplies I had on me to the Civilians to help them while I was away. With this done and the other members of MACO Team 9 defending them I made quick time to the shuttle. I would reach the shuttle after 15 minutes and started it up while after going back and picking up the civilians as well as all other members of MACO Team 9.

During this Time Ten of Sixteen got into contact with Hook for a status update and it was not good as it was only him and 2 other Settlement defenders left. Hook also reported that he was starting to weaken due to the infection he had, meaning time was of critical importance.

I soon landed the shuttle with all remaining MACO Team 9 members helping to load the shuttle as quickly and efficiently as possible. The loading process did not take long and soon the shuttle was airborne again and I piloted back towards the settlement with the vague hope (However low the odds were) to see if we could pick up Hook.

We arrived over the settlement and we could see that the ‘mummies’ were pulling out of the settlement, however, there were no signs of defence from the defenders. This meant that we may have been too late and the odds being stacked against us could not be overcome. We attempted communications to see if Hook was still with us, there were no answers back and after some circles of the settlement looking for signs we found none.

With the orders Hook last gave us in mind I stopped the search and piloted the shuttle to orbit to begin our trip back to DS13. All the while making sure to leave behind a buoy to warn anyone not to land on the planet.

With the planet now fully confirmed to be infected with these ‘mummies’ I would recommend that we keep a ship or 2 around the planet to enforce the quarantine and to stop any chances of these ‘mummies’ finding a spacecraft to infect more planets.

Second I would recommend that Hook be put under as MIA since while it is very likely he was turned or dead, knowing past history it is possible he is still alive or found a way to somehow starve off the infection. Until we can find a body we should not presume he is KIA.

(However, for all intents and purpose we should assume MIA but likely KIA)

Third I recommend that efforts to find a way to neutralize these ‘mummies’ more effectively and maybe if possible reversing the turning process. Be increased since if the ability comes by for us to turn back people then in effect we could save more lives.

All MACO Team 9 members should be awarded with a Starfleet Recognition Ribbon for all of our best efforts in saving the Civilians of the settlement and doing our best with the situation as well as conditions that we were given.

Hook should also be given a Starfleet Medal of Commendation at minimum for his self sacrifice in making sure all the Civilians got out safely while fighting to the end. However, if high command agrees, the award should be upgraded to a UFP Medal of Honor at their discretion.

(Any award higher or additional ones any member of MACO Team 9 can be given will be left up to the discretion head command staff of the 38th)

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