AAR Sheep in Wolves clothing

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LCDR Often, Six

LOCATION ISS David Attenbourough, Ba’aja Sector

MISSION MAJ Valencia leads a team in a daring and dangerous infiltration mission to the Ba’aja System. Disguised as Terran bridge officers onboard the ISS David Attenborough.

OUTCOME The mission succeeded, the team was able to obtain intelligence on the Terran plans in the Ba’aja sector. Additionally saving the lives of 50 civilians and two Starfleet Officers.


  • CAPT De Drowvani Nimitz, T
  • LCDR Often, S
  • MJR Valencia, G
  • CPO Ashodi, T

NARRATIVE The team infiltrated the ISS David Attenborough disguised as Terran officers. At shift change we took position on the bridge. The ship was hailed by the ISS Birk, and transported Inquisitor Varley onto the Attenborough. The inquisitor wasted no time in executing the captain for treason and assumed command of the vessel. The now Captain Varley was intent on continuing the elimination of targets in the sector. There was an orbital platform that had five Starfleet officers trapped aboard it and a research station housing 50 civilians. The team was involved in opening a secure communications channel to Starfleet and sabotaging the ship so as to keep those in the line of fire safe. The five officers were transported aboard the Attenborough, and the ship then targeted the research platform. The infiltration team continued their sabotage efforts and managed to warn the research platform of the attack.

Captain Varley was not fooled for long, and the team was forced to escalate the encounter to prevent the destruction of the research platform. CAPT De Drowvani Nimitz distracted Varley and LCDR Often ambushed terran security. CPO Ashodi provided cover with a smoke grenade and MJR Valencia added to the confusion with a mek’leth. The team managed to get off the bridge and down the turbolift to be ambushed. Due to CPO Ashodi’s efforts there was a dampening field preventing their phasers from working. The guards were dispatched and the team made it to a shuttle craft. Upon entering we were surprised by a terran crew member working on the shuttle. This resulted in the only injury received by our team as CAPT De Drowvani Nimitz was struck in the leg by a dagger. The lone terran didn’t last long on the shuttle. As the shuttle departed we were able to use the emergency transporter to rescue two of the captured officers.

The Asimov arrived to assist the evacuees from the research platform and rendezvous with our team.
The presence of the Asimov and the sabotage was enough to convince the ISS David Attenborough to leave the area.

RECOMMENDATION I recommend that Starfleet put to use the intelligence we were able to gather to plan an assault on the Ba’aja system. It is also important that efforts be made to rescue the three other officers taken by the Terrans.
RECOGNITION I would like to bring special attention to the valiant efforts put forth by the team. The computer sabotage by CAPT De Drowvani Nimitz and CPO Ashodi was crucial to the success of the mission. MJR Valencia was instrumental in getting the team off of the ship engaging the enemy without hesitation.

OOC Special thanks to Lauren and Sam for arranging and running this event. Lauren was a good sport as we tried to derail the Terran plot and blow up her newly acquired ship. :)