AAR: Shellfish Allergy

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CAPT Morton, Coby

LOCATION Kelterre Sector

MISSION Respond to Distress Beacon // Limited Information.

OUTCOME Ferengi vessel Kreyvis discovered, several small contingents of personnel from starship recovered and being treated aboard USS Shrewsbury following EVA.


  • CAPT Holmes, A
  • CAPT Morton, C
  • LCDR Tysir, O
  • LT Fra’seer, K
  • LT Castillo, V
  • LTJG Sovum, V

NARRATIVE This officer met with several of the above stated Starfleet personnel within the main conference room aboard Deep Space 13 in response to a Ferengi distress beacon received, the table was presided by Captain Holmes, Sagittarius Squadron. During this emergency briefing, the USS Shrewsbury as the most accessible active vessel was dispatched with a crew compliment of able officers to respond to the distress beacon within the Kelterre Sector.

Captain Holmes has taken overall command of the operation, at the time of this writing remains in that capacity, having hand picked a small contingent from aboard Deep Space 13 and docked vessels for this assignment.

Captain's Log, Stardate: 99290.1

I've taken command of the USS Shrewsbury in response to a distress beacon received exclusively through a Federation communication array. Having dealt with Ferengi distress beacons in the past, I must admit my difficulty in holding back my presumptions of the potential reason this distress call has been purposefully directed through singular channels. Sensors since passing through Potter's Field are still yielding very little in terms of results.

As the USS Shrewsbury arrived at the scene of the distress beacon, Captain Holmes was able to identify the Ferengi vessel as the Kreyvis, a Marauder class vessel that very much so out-powered our own vessel. Captain Holmes described her limited familiarity with the vessel and recognized it as a previous hostile engagement. As such we took all precautions outside of weapons range before closing in further to investigate.

Scans revealed heavy damage sustained to the vessel, Lieutenant Commander Tysir was able to determine that the cargo bay entrance had been destroyed actually from inside the vessel, with evidence across the hull to indicate a vessel of increased power potential.

Lieutenant Fra’seer was able to get a penetrating scan through the Kreyvis and revealed a series of fading life signs, with life support failing due to the vessel’s complete and total loss of power. As this operation was now against time constraints our priority was the safeguarding of those in distress, and this officer ordered a boarding party made up of a Medical contingent and Security detail in force- assigning Lieutenant Fra’seer to lead the rescue mission, with Lieutenant’s Castillo and Sovum in charge of triage.

Captain's Log, Supplemental

Lieutenant's Fra’seer, Castillo and Sovum are leading a security and medical force boarding party into the hull of the Kreyvis, time is a factor that's rarely on our side, and today makes no exception. I can only hope our team are able to restore some form of power to life support, or at the very least tag those wounded for medical transport.

As Captain Holmes and myself monitored the away party’s progress from the bridge, medical was prepped to receive wounded. We received word from the team aboard the Kreyvis shortly stating that with a sufficient part roster the engineering team would be able to restore power to the vessel, costing 20 minutes. Our priority was the rescue operation, however it proved necessary to make repairs to allow out teams access to the vessel section housing wounded.

Motion trackers picked up movement from all around the ship, which with scans indicating insectoid saliva and large damage consistent with bites on electrical conduits, the team were on alert for potential hostile engagement with an unknown alien contact.

The Shrewsbury received the wounded Ferengi crew compliment, however upon the final group to be beamed up a large insect-like alien corpse of undetermined origin was discovered tied to the deck plating. This entity was beamed under secure conditions aboard for further study.

Captain's Log, Supplemental

Following the return of Lieutenant Fra’seer and her team, the phrasing of the term Space Bug has got me at an uncomfort level I've not experienced since my time exchanged within the Klingon Defense Force. Whatever creature's have been discovered aboard the Kreyvis, a part of me really doesn't want to find out much more.

RECOMMENDATION Currently this officer has organised priority treatment of Ferengi wounded, to which once stable Lieutenant Fra’seer is to see to questioning of any able-body crew in attempt to grasp a better understanding of what could have happened aboard the Kreyvis. Due to systems meltdown, it’s unlikely anything will be salvageable from the vessel itself.

Medical are to conduct an autopsy of the as-of-yet undetermined alien corpse discovered tied down, surrounded by deceased Ferengi crew. It’s our intentions to learn further about this species, with the possibility they are capable of self-propelled sublight speeds. Doctors Castillo and Sovum are to see to this, with support from Lieutenant Commander Tysir to support quarantine conditions within the Shrewsbury’s cargo facilities.

As it stands, discussion of the fate of the vessel Kreyvis itself is underway, though it’s this officers recommendation that we study all available resources gathered from EVA before making any conclusive decisions; salvage of the vessel due to it’s state, location and surrounding incident may prove increasingly difficult.

RECOGNITION Officer’s noted within this report performed their duties with exemplary manner, the away party operated under intense and extreme conditions and should be recognized for their steadfast bravery. Medical teams have worked tirelessly to ensure the safety of Ferengi personnel.

Captain Holmes’ Command is without fault and allowed this officer to operate efficiently.

For anyone experiencing discomfort over the violent nature of the scenes discovered aboard the Kreyvis, counseling teams have been made available.

OOC @Moose’s Shellfish Allergy event was great fun and glad to have been apart of it with everyone, can’t wait to see where it leads. Must be noted at the time of this report both OOCly and ICly this mission is still underway.