AAR: Signals from the Beyond Part 2

Filed By:
CDR Nathes

LOCATION U.S.S. Endeavour, S.S. Hafstraumur

MISSION Investigation of Mysterious Atomic Readings seen on S.S. Hafstraumur

OUTCOME Progress made on final misison outcome. Information on atomic readings was ascertained. Further, a possible culprit for the deaths of the S.S. Hafstraumur was ascertained.


  • CAPTAIN Mirazuni
  • COMMANDER Nathes
  • ENSIGN Ban

NARRATIVE Acting on a previous operation, Federation Vessel USS Endeavor was en route to the Zytherion System to continue investigating the fate of the colony. En route, USS Endeavour encountered mysterious atomic readings from a Federation science vessel, the S.S. Hafstraumur. Captain Mirazuni diverted course to investigate.

Significant analysis of the atomic readings revealed no specific source. The readings were, however, isolated to the engineering section of S.S. Hafstraumur. An away team was assembled.

Arrival on the vessel revealed a grim sight. Its crew had been dead for months. The station was also overgrown with plants, the origin of which was not fully ascertained. What was accertained was as followed:

A number of symbols were discovered on the station, images of which are provided below. On one of these symbols was residual Andorian DNA, a possible culprit of what transpired on the Starfleet vessel. Further, more was learned about the radiation in engineering. It appears, miraculously, capable of changing its chemical and atomic nature. In other words, one element can easily transform into something else.

It can be inferred this might have been the cause of death for these crewmembers. Changing atomic composition of organic material, especially cellular life, can be determental almost instantly. However, further analysis will be required to provide validity to this supposition.

After the investigation, the personnel of the Endeavour returned to the ship to confer on findings and execute a plan going forward.

Relevent Images:

Discovered Imagery

RECOMMENDATION There is insufficient information to reach a conclusion on the fate of the colony and the vessel. Recommendation is therefore given to continue the investigation, albeit with consideration of findings from this mission.

RECOGNITION Ensign Ban proved instrumental in this operation. He demonstrated discipline in a very troubling and disturbing situation.