AAR: Simple Chemistry


96757.5 CAPT S. Bishop

SECURITY: Level 1 - Open

LOCATION Dupree System, Ba’aja Sector.

MISSION Investigate source of subspace explosion.

OUTCOME Subspace explosion from an accidental experiment by members of the FerLed Organisation. Subspace deemed to be safe. Members of the FerLed Organisation arrested on the grounds of dangerous experimentation.


  • CAPT S. Bishop
  • CMDR A. Samaras
  • CMDR N. Larson
  • LT S. Valore
  • LT (JG) T. Shinwa
  • ENS R. Mitsuki
  • THIRD Lorso’Toran (Dominion)

On a routine patrol, the U.S.S. Endeavour detected a subspace explosion. Our sensors experienced some difficulty pinpointing the location, but after the sensors were recalibrated, we detected that the source was the Dupree System. We altered course to investigate.

Approaching the system at impulse, we found an abandoned Klingon listening post, with a significant chunk of the post destroyed. The U.S.S. Bark was deployed under CMDR Larson’s command in order to survey the area and identify the reach and severity of the subspace damage.

This officer then contacted the lifeforms onboard the station, members of the FerLed Organisation who had established a home base on the station, and questioned them on what happened. It was quickly established that their science team had “accidentally” caused a subspace explosion, with the loss of seven lives. Engineering away teams were sent to assist in the stabilisation of the base. Unsatisfied with the answer the Ferengi leader (Brup) gave, this officer assembled another away team to investigate the remains of the science lab.

Scans and the subsequent investigation revealed that the FerLed Organisation were attempting to synthesise a new form of industrial cleaner, using tetralysin solution and miraialyte mineral. The data surrounding the experimentation itself was destroyed, but from interviews with the surviving science crew and reconstructed security footage, the mixture was left unsupervised when it was being heated, causing the resultant explosion. After establishing the cause, the members on the base were arrested and placed on the ship’s brig.

RECOMMENDATION The leaders of the FerLed Organisation were placed on trial in a Civilian Court for unsafe experimentation. The scientists involved were jailed for a few months, whilst a hefty fine was levied on the Organisation, which has now gone into administration. Their stocks of tetralysin have been confiscated and a warning on experimentation involving tetralysin and miraialyte has been put into effect across the Federation.

The effect on subspace has been established. The explosion caused “pockets” of subspace disruption rather than an explosion. These pockets were dispersed around the explosion point, affecting communication and warp travel. The force of the explosion pushed these pockets out to a maximum distance of 3 light-years. The pockets began to then contract in both size and dispersal, moving back towards the initial explosion point. This was quicker the further away the pockets were from the source, slowing down as they came closer. As the pockets reentered the system, it caused another explosion as the pockets disappeared and subspace re-established. There is no permanent damage to subspace and warp travel is unaffected in the region.

RECOGNITION All involved personnel performed satisfactorily. Special recognition must go to Commander Larson and the science personnel onboard the U.S.S. Bark for their analysis of the subspace damage.

This is the AAR and the subsequent actions for the event “Simple Chemistry”. Event Logs available on request.

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