AAR: Sonar

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CAPT Skye, F.

LOCATION Doza Sector

MISSION Locate the USS Sunrise following loss of contact while she was on patrol

OUTCOME USS Sunrise located, Terran forces engaged and driven off with confirmed one (1) destroyed and another one (1) presumed destroyed.


  • CAPT Skye, F. (U.S.S. MacAlpine)
  • CAPT Hanson, R. (U.S.S. Sunrise)

NARRATIVE Following multiple missed check ins from the USS Sunrise, approaching 24 hours before the time contact was re-established in the end. The USS MacAlpine was dispatched to attempt to locate the USS Sunrise and render aid as needed.

Once arrived at the last known location of the Sunrise, we began a sensor sweep of the area. Unable to find anything of note at the location or warp trails out that matched the Sunrise, we moved towards the nebula as the only nearby feature in close sub-light range. While on approach, we deployed a probe into the nebula to attempt to scan inside as our sensors where unable to penetrate the nebula, however we lost contact with the probe almost as soon as it entered the nebula.

Proceeding with caution into the nebula, the order was given to take us to red alert along with visual scanning teams positioned at key points throughout the ship due to becoming sensor blind once we were inside the nebula. To counter the effect of the nebula on our sensor, ENS Wynn came up with the idea to use modified tetryon pulses to actively scan. Following the suggestion the order was given for him and LT Alves to make it work, and in short order we had established very basic scanner functionality for bearing if anything was detected.

Moving further into the Nebula, we detected a contact 1km to our front (Contact Alpha), while moving closer to attempt to identify the contact, a second contact (Contact Bravo) appeared inside of 1km off our starboard beam. It was out this point we detected 5 objects coming from contact bravo towards our starboard flank, which were soon identified as torpedoes. Following the identification of the torpedoes the MacAlpine began evasive manoeuvres and returned fire against contact bravo with a full broadside spread. Two of the torpedoes managed to impact the starboard nacelle causing minor damage. Contact alpha began to fire torpedo’s at the same time, the evasive action the MacAlpine was taking with the point defence systems protected the ship from further torpedo impacts, however we were unable to launch a concentrated attack against either contact. Until the pressure from contact bravo lessened with a contact appearing behind them which was later confirmed to be the Sunrise.
With the decrease in incoming fire, the MacAlpine moved to focus fire on Contact Alpha with volley fired torpedoes and layered phaser fire from the arrays and dual heavy cannons. Following the sudden volley, Contact Alpha was lost from sensors assumed destroyed. Once Contact alpha was no longer a threat, we swung around to render aid against Contact Bravo, before receiving a garbled audio only hail from the Sunrise to break out of the Nebula.

Making our way out of the Nebula, we emerged to find the Sunrise engaged by two Terran vessels, a Lexington and Adamant class, with another Adamant class damaged off the beam of the MacAlpine. While moving to assist the Sunrise we destroyed the damaged Adamant before focusing on the remaining two vessels which quickly retreat at warp.

Once contact was re-established fully with the Sunrise, we escorted them back towards friendly space.

RECOMMENDATION Continued patrols along the border to discourage Terran incursions while we are still gathering our strength and intelligence. Along with extra awareness near stellar objects, as according to the USS Sunrise two of the Terran vessels were lying in wait inside the Nebula.

OOC Thanks @Eunha for running this! Was fun!