AAR: Species 2492 Refugee

Stardate 94769.7
Cpt. Isadora Lyn
Level 3 - Restricted

MISSION: Gather additional intelligence on Species 2492
Commander Nils retained as a contact.
Faus, a Species 2492 refugee recovered.
Intelligence acquired.
Cpt. Emery Quint
Cpt. Isadora Lyn
Dr. Cyrene Mavil

Captain Quint and I were again dispatched with the salvager Piett to make contact with Commander Nils. The objectives were to gather additional intelligence on Species 2492 culture, society, military capabilities, and attitudes towards the Federation. Secondary objectives were to complete the trade deal we previously reached regarding Species 2492 weapons technology samples and attempt to open a dialogue with either Nils or another member of Species 2492.

After landing, we were able to conclude the trade deal without incident. Several crates of heavy weaponry were loaded aboard Piett’s ship. Of interest is that Commander Nils was extremely cautious to avoid detection of this trade. The crates were sealed to avoid particle leakage and we were allowed only momentary access to the weapons. The Commander also had little interest in data concerning military hardware and expressed greater interest in data regarding Federation logistics. During conversation, he also confirmed the planet’s name as Kacam and revealed that his species shares the name of the planet.

Afterwards we discussed future trade agreements with the Commander. He appeared interested in acquiring more food supplies in addition to the intelligence but showed little interest in other technology. Our negotiations were prematurely terminated by the imminent arrival of a 2492 fleet. Nils assured us that we would be in danger, so we departed the planet at that time.

While inspecting the cargo on the way home, we discovered that a Species 2492 stowaway had been taken aboard in one of the crates. The individual, who called himself Faus, was in somewhat poor condition and appeared to be fleeing the Confederacy for crimes against their governing body. During questioning, Faus was able to supply us with intelligence regarding Species 2492 or more properly the Azed Confederacy.

According to Faus, the Confederacy is currently composed of six distinct species in what appears to be a theocratic government centered in principle around the deity Azed, although its members possess varying degrees of religious motivation. His own species, the Frith, were allegedly the first worshippers of Azed and founders of the Confederacy. Faus described the Kacam we previously contacted as the industrial base of the Confederacy and mentioned that the Kacam maintain no capacity for agriculture. This is consistent with intelligence gathered from Nils, although it does not explain his need for rations.

Faus then gave some details about his crime of speaking out against the ruling body and his subsequent flight from the Confederacy. He mentioned receiving aid from elements within the Confederacy, indicating dissenters or potentially an organized criminal element. Given that Faus’ intel correlated with what we had previously obtained, we decided to bring him back to DS13 and also reveal our affiliation with Starfleet.

At the Starbase, Faus’ underwent a full medical examination by Dr. Mavil as well as treatment for various injuries. Capt. Quint continued to question him and Faus appeared quite cooperative. Combined with his previous statements, we now have a working knowledge of the Azed Confederacy. As previously stated, the Confederacy’s current membership consists of six species: Kacam, Ralin, Viggo, Frith, Citali, and the Ikmore. Each race appears to have a given role in the Confederacy. The Ralin appear to serve as the agricultural base, the Citali as scientists and technology development, the Kacam as the industrial center, and the Ikmore as the medical base. The Frith role was not explicitly detailed, but they most likely serve a religious or leadership role as the founders. The Viggo’s function was also not detailed, but going by Faus’ description of their attitude they most likely serve in a military capacity.

With respect to the Confederacy’s attitude towards armed conflict, Faus indicated that the species are not unified. He named the Viggo, Kacam, and Citali as most likely to support open warfare while the other three oppose it. He also suggested that the Kacam and Citali support might be based on economic rather than political or ideological grounds. When asked about historical conflicts, he stated that membership in the Confederacy had grown and shrunk throughout its history with several members being ‘purged’ from its ranks. Of these purged members, he recalled the Junayd and the Diaderi. At this point, Doctor Mavil called a soft medical stop to the questioning and we left to allow Faus time to rest and recover.

The encounter with Faus has yielded a vast amount of intelligence on the Azed Confederacy. My recommendation is that we attempt to contact one of the species named by Faus as moderate: the Frist, the Ikmore, or the Ralin. In addition to the intel, Faus has also opened possible avenues for this contact:

1. Formal diplomatic overtures by Starfleet directed at the Confederacy. With improved understanding of the Confederacy’s structure, this is now a more viable option.

2. Make use of whoever aided Faus in his escape. Whether criminal or dissident elements, these individuals may serve as a direct or indirect channel to making contact.

3. Commander Nils. His actions do not appear to be officially sanctioned by the Confederacy and his motive is not yet clear. However, through continued contact he may become a valuable ally within the military structure of the Confederacy. This is obviously complicated because we have maintained cover in our dealings. However, I believe it is worth maintaining this relationship.

In the meantime, Faus has indicated that the strikes against the Federation were likely retaliatory and a response to territorial violations. I advise that we suspend fleet movements near the Confederacy border, although response units in those areas should remain in a state of readiness. On the tactical front, every effort should be made to study the weaponry obtained from Cmdr. Nils.

Threat assessment:
The possibility remains that Faus may be a plant. I suggest that he be made comfortable but his access to potentially sensitive information limited.

Commander Nils motive is still an unknown. While I suggest maintaining the relationship, I also advise an ongoing intel gathering and threat assessment.

Piett still serves a function as partial liaison between us and Nils. However, his antagonistic attitude is a potential liability to our operations and his value as a source of intelligence is exhausted. If and when the relationship with Nils reaches a point where he is no longer needed, I recommend we remove Piett as a part of our interactions.

OOC: This is the AAR for short RP run by Kermit/Dandin. Please notify me if there are details I am missing for your character. Also note that Faus is now on base and available for RP. Please contact @dandin384.

Stardate 94771.9
CAPTAIN Emery Quint
Level 3 - Restricted

LOCATION: Kacam and Deep Space Thirteen
MISSION: Continued acquisition of intelligence on Species 2492 via arms dealers on Kacam.
OUTCOME: Success. Contact remains viable, arms secured for testing, possible source of more in depth intelligence uncovered.
Captain Emery Quint
Captain Isadora Lyn
Doctor Cyrene Mavil

NARRATIVE: Upon arrival at Kacam we again met with Commander Nils of the Confederacy Marines. The Commander had acquired four shielded crates containing a total of 9 squad based weapon systems, as agreed. Commander Nils proceeded to examine our collected data files as we looked over the items. A quick scan by Captain Lyn provided a bio record of the Kacam officers present, while we conducted scans of the weapons. This was to be done quickly as the Commander was concerned that the emissions could be detected. While loading the supplies the Commander received a signal that a Fleet was arriving earlier than expected and that we needed to depart quickly. This was done without incident.

Later while in transit back from Kacam, a stowaway was discovered inside one of the weapon crates. Eventually identified as Faus, a member of the Frith a founding race 2492, Identified as the Azed Confederacy. Faus claimed to be on the run as he spoke poorly about or in regards to Azed. Due to this action, he chose to make contacts with some form of Criminal group that helped him get out of Confederacy space. After brief questioning it was deemed the best course, regardless of his validity, was to return to DS 13.

Upon arrival at DS 13 I contacted Command and had Sickbay secured while we explained to Faus who we really were. During his examination I conducted a brief questioning of him in regards to the Confederacy and its member peoples. Faus provided the information readily and seemed cooperative at all junctions. Although admitting he was not fully up on the political scene with in the Confederacy he was able to give some general observations.

*The Kacam are an industrial force in the Confederacy, hence the need to import food as more than half the planet is devoted to manufacturing, be it Starships, bases, or even homes.
*The Ralin are an agricultural based society, their worlds being almost totally devoted to Agriculture.
*The Ikmore who as a whole seem to be known for Medical skill.
*The Citali pursue Science and Research, there was also a statement that there wasn't very many of them.
*The Frith are believed to be the first worshipers of Azed, and spearheaded the founding of the Confederacy.
*The Viggo whom he did not speak much on beyond that he felt they were often the ones pushing for war.

According to Faus, the races most likely to favor conflict with the Federation were the Viggo, Kacam, and the Citali. For various reasons, as the Kacam's industry would benefit and the Citali often supported war in the past to gain access to technology. The three typically align with one another politically. On the other side of the table seem to be the Frith, Ikmore, and Ralin. Often these three align and generally oppose conflicts. The Ralin, according to Faus, actually hate war.

Faus also commented that there had been other races in the Azed Confederacy. He admitted he was not a historian but did provide two names, The Junayd and the Diaderi.

Quarters were arranged and Faus was allowed to rest, under Security observation.

RECOMMENDATION: I recommend that Faus be debriefed in full before moving forward any. Primarily to validate his legitimacy and to begin building as clear a picture as possible of the Confederacy. Also based on the reactions of Commander Nils, I believe we proceed as if he is a criminal element, and not an idealist. His interests were not in any beneficial technology or details about our starships, but in military routes and civilian trade routes as well as more food stuffs. I would also recommend we find a way to alternatively meet on Kacam, as Piett's dislike of our cover identities is a serious liability.

OOC: This was an RP run by Kermit & Dandin. As a note, Faus is now on base and available for RP, contact @dandin384 if you'd like to set up a meetign with this character.
Stardate 94771.9
Security Level 3 - Restricted

TO VADM. Perim, N.
CC --
FROM RDML. Konieczko, D.

SUBJ Station Refugee

Captain Thiessen has been given orders to provide secure quarters to Faus. Faus has authorization to move in public spaces of the station but standard restrictions for confidential and clearanced areas remain in place, he will also be accompanied or watched over by a security escort when not in his provided quarters. Medical will be instructed to build a physiological docket for the Frith species based upon future examinations with Faus.

Captain Thiessen has been authorized to inform relevant department heads for the execution of these orders, he has however been informed that only the species identifier of Frith and not 2492 will be used for the potential safety of Faus.

Rear Admiral Dmitri Konieczko
Executive Officer
38th Fleet 'Argo'