AAR: Speed Trap

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LCDR Often, Six

LOCATION Deep Space 13, Aldebaran Sector

MISSION The U.S.S. Mariner was put on standby after contact was lost with the transport T’Rin.

OUTCOME The crew of the U.S.S. Mariner was able to intercept and disable the transport.


  • LT Zital, Serris
  • LCDR Often, Six
  • LTJG Mekyu, Siana
  • SCPO Ibrait, Keilin

NARRATIVE The U.S.S. Mariner was alerted to a situation where the transport T’Rin failed to report while en route taking Dr. Jerot to a conference on warp theory and quantum tunneling. Starfleet initially sent to Yellowstone runabouts to investigate. Shortly thereafter the Mariner was deployed as the runabouts were unable to make contact and a radiation leak was detected. At maximum warp it took us 20 minutes to reach the T’Rin. We determined that it was a thermionic radiation leak, which would have been fatal to anyone exposed.
Commander Zital noted that it seemed odd, because that indicated a major EPS problem but the ship was still traveling at high warp. Zital stated that it seemed deliberate.
Deciding that the best course of action was to merge warp fields so that the Mariner could get into close enough proximity to bring the T’Rin out of warp. LTJG Mekyu was able to successfully sever the starboard nacel. When the Nacel exited the warp field it exploded and caused minor damage to the U.S.S. Mariner and a few minor injuries among the crew. There was no unexpected damage to the T’Rin. Upon severing the port nacel SCPO Ibrait was able to tractor the nacel and prevent a second explosion.
We were able bring the T’Rin out of warp safely and board the transport. Once onboard this officer was able to locate Dr. Jurot and a crewmember. They had been bound and injured. LT Zital was able to establish control of the ship and LTJG Mekyu found that the cargo door’s manual override had been disabled with a phaser. Zital also said that the internal sensor logs had been deleted. The Dr. and crew were evacuated to the Mariner. Dr. Jurot made mention of quantum tunneling, but was not aware enough for further questioning.

RECOMMENDATION Once the radiation has been cleared I recommend further investigation into what appears to be sabotage. It would also be advisable to question Dr. Jurot and the crew once they are able.

RECOGNITION I feel that LT Zital should be recognized for the swift and decisive action that prevented a catastrophic disaster should the transport been allowed to reach it’s destination at warp 6. Also the precise targeting of LCJG Mekyu in severing the nacels without incident.

OOC This is my first AAR, hope it’s OK.