AAR: SS Tannot Distress Signal

Filed By:
Capt. Mi'shune sh'Sonora-Nimitz

After Action Report

LOCATION 24321.23 by 12312.33, Risa Sector

MISSION Distress Call Response

OUTCOME One vessel found destroyed, other discovered derelict with crew massacred.


  • Capt. Ayesha Mirazuni, USS Endeavour
  • Capt. Mi’shune sh’Sonora-Nimitz, USS Baton Rouge
  • Vorta Liasvarnu IV, DV Ometra-48

NARRATIVE At 20:00 hours on Stardate 99887.22, the USS Endeavour and the USS Baton Rouge received a distress signal. We rendezvous together and set course for the source of the signal, where we discovered from a distance not only a debris field, but evidence of weapons fire from a ship-grade disruptor of Klingon origin.

At this point, we were joined by the DV Ometra-48, who also received the distress signal. As per our treaty agreement, the foreign vessel rendered assistance in the investigation.

The Baton Rouge utilized a computer-generated reconstruction from the debris field, revealing the wreckage of not one, but two vessels. The Oberth Class SS Razzamatazz, formerly the decommissioned vessel USS James Black, was found in its entirety. There was partial wreckage that was attributed to the SS Tannot, a Tuffli Class freighter, however, when we traced back a fleeing warp trail, we discovered the Tannot relatively intact.

The vessel wasn’t even robbed. Its cargo, basic ores and minerals not worth much on the open market, was untouched. There were no lifesigns nor any indication of any traps, ambushes, or surprises, so we sent a joint away-team from the three vessels onboard to investigate.

Inside was… disturbing to say the least.

While we were able to confirm the cargo was untouched, with shipping seals unbroken and cargo pallets unmoved, we had discovered the remains of a Tannot crewmember, dead from a blow to the head from a bladed weapon. A member of the Jem’Hadar boarding team confirmed the weapon was of Klingon origin.

Going further into the vessel, we discovered the rest of the Tannot crew. All fifteen of the ship’s compliment displayed similar wounds, maiming, and dismembering indicative of a Klingon terror attack. Including the captain, whom was beheaded at his chair.

Events were further confirmed when we downloaded ship’s recordings from the last remaining intact console on the bridge. We caught the Klingon boarding party committing the massacres, with enough from the images for positive identification. We are currently confirming the identifications with Starfleet Intelligence, but Captain Mirazuna appears to have a familiarity with these particular attackers. I shall allow her to clarify.

RECOMMENDATION Recommend we put out a sector-wide alert for any potential rogue Klingon vessels preying on civilian shipping. Follow-up should include a full data-forensics examination totake place on the SS Tannot. We have yet to discern the role of the Razzamatazz in the attack, so seeking the ship’s black box is also essential. Captain Mirazumi involvement would be ideal, considering her passing familiarity with the Klingon attackers.

RECOGNITION The Jem’Hadar security staff from the DV-Ometra-48 were consummate professionals, incredibly well disciplined and calm under pressure. A credit to their people!