AAR: State of the Art

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CMDR Kermit, J.

After Action Report

LOCATION Drozana Station

MISSION Locate and recover stolen artwork.

OUTCOME Successful recovery of all stolen property, and arrest of suspect.


  • CMDR Kermit, J.
  • CMDR Tyrstoc
  • LCDR Odi
  • LTJG Beles
  • ENS Sovum
  • LT Aev, RRF

NARRATIVEDS13 Intelligence reported a lead on the stolen art pieces from the charity auction incident. An auction of high-value items was set to occur on Drozana Station and it was deemed likely that the stolen pieces would be present for sale.

The above listed officers were assembled and deployed to Drozana. The USS Moytura remained nearby in case of emergency, but outside of standard sensor range. Officers proceeded in plain clothes and only with concealable armament, in order to attend the auction without arousing suspicion. As expected, the stolen art was present and for sale. Various team members placed bids throughout the auction in order to gain access to the back room at the conclusion of the event where the art was stored.

Entering the back room, we quickly verified that the stolen art was present, but the seller (presumably the thief) was not. The auctioneer acted as a middleman, allowing the sellers to remain anonymous. At this point, I elected to identify myself as a Starfleet Officer and explain the situation to the auctioneer. She was initially less than cooperative.

In a rather unique bit of improvisation, Commander Tyrstoc played the role of an agitated buyer who was wary of Starfleet involvement. The added pressure allowed me to make the case that betraying a single seeller of stolen goods was the better scenario for the auctioneer than allowing a large group of legitimate and unsuspecting buyers to suffer the consequences of possession of stolen property.

The auctioneer soon acquiesced and turned over the stolen art. Since no actual sale took place, the intended buyers of the stolen pieces kept their currency and were allowed to depart without incident. The auctioneer also provided information on the seller of those pieces. With information in hand, Lieutenant Beles took a Ferengi merchant into custody and arranged the impound of his vessel.

A moderate fee was paid by Starfleet to the auctioneer in return – an amount equivalent to the commission they would have earned on the auction sales, had they been completed.

A slight misunderstanding resulted in Commander Tyrstoc rendering an auction guard temporarily unconscious, in defense of other members of the team, but otherwise there were no casualties.

RECOMMENDATION Once processed, the artwork may be released to its rightful owners. The Ferengi, currently residing in the brig, and his vessel should be handled according to applicable criminal justice procedures.

OOC Mohadeb was there too, but Kermit doesn’t know that! Kat was the GM and it was a blast.