AAR: Steersman (MU)

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LT Izly, Jodi

LOCATION Itrin Sector, Viggo System, Viggo Navy Command Centre

MISSION A strike team was sent to covertly insert a malware program into the Azed computer systems that will cause catastrophic wormhole-navigation errors for the Azed fleet.

OUTCOME Decisive Success.


  • CAPT Varley, Lauren
  • Thyzee
  • LT Ulrich, Stern
  • LT Izly, Jodi

NARRATIVE The three noted on this report were sent under the command of Her Ladyship Varley using a recovered enemy vessel from the slaughter on Kacam- each person fitted with holoemitters to appear as the aliens acting as a surviving crew from the battle. Their command was surprised to find any returning from the battle- as so far they had accounted zero survivors; LT Ulrich took face and helped them believe what they needed to allow the vessel to land.

Once given clearance to land, one of their own- a Commander; brought the group along to a holding office where it was initially believed that due to the lack of bodies aboard that the remaining crew were not telling the truth. At this point however the Commander themselves believed that our group were actually deserters attempting to find refuge elsewhere in this galaxy- and was actually more than willing to assist if they were to be brought along.

LT Ulrich once again assisted with this lie, even going as far as to allow the Commander to be the one to deliver the payload to their systems under the belief that it was a database of false identities of their kind. Once this Commander found that wasn’t the case- Psionics Specialist Thyzee simply caused their mind to assumedly implode on itself; leaving us to trigger a false alert to scramble their people below to cover escape.

RECOMMENDATION This venture into the aliens’ own society has revealed that many of their people- civilian and enlisted; are very much unsure of what to do during these times. Many of their people are revolting in the streets and their enlisted are so commonly deserting that it was the first thing to come to that Commander’s mind. We are very much fighting a crumbling enemy- and so long as our offensive stays as strong as it has, we will prevail.
RECOGNITION LT Ulrich was of great assistance during this mission in many moments. Any officers requiring extra hands will be glad to have him.

OOC A thanks to @Lauren for GMing an interesting Ground Campaign for us! This is connected to the Steersman event also created by them. Everyone involved was a blast to RP with and help give feedback for the future.