AAR: Sterilize and Restock Medical Facilities

Stardate 95068.1
CMDR zh'Lindresko, Soalina
Level 2 - Confidential

LOCATION: Deep Space Thirteen, V774 Tau, Aldebaran Sector.

MISSION: Sterilize and Restock Medical Facilities, transport and assign medical department staff compliment.

OUTCOME: Medical department brought online, wards patient-hospitable.

CAPT Caspius
CMDR Soalina zh'Lindresko
LCDR Graham Beckett
LTJG Costas Delphiki
ENS Jetaal

NARRATIVE: Members of the medical departments senior staff assembled within Deep Space 13's Main Operations following transport to the station. Commander zh'Lindresko and Lieutenant Delphiki initiated dialogue with the Starbase Commander until Lieutenant Commander Beckett, Acting Chief Medical Officer, arrived on deck to take over the proceedings regarding medical. Following a brief welcome informative statement we were advised to return to Medical to inspect the status of all primary functions following the decontamination sweeps that had just concluded moments after our arrival.

Lieutenant Delphiki was given a number of tasks by Lieutenant Commander Beckett and quickly proceeded to carry out these objectives, efficiently. Commander zh'Lindresko began making modifications to the requisitions docket and distributed the necessary forms so that the entirety of the senior departmental staff would be able to add additions of their own for review by the Acting Chief Medical Officer. Following a conclusive review, Lieutenant Commander Beckett authorised Lieutenant Delphiki to report to main operations a completed requisitions docket.

Operations confirmed the requisitions and made adequate haste in transporting the requested supply compliment to the department.

Lieutenant Commander Beckett and Commander zh'Lindresko proceeded, through separate wards, to conduct diagnostic analysis' on all biobed facilities and functions. It was concluded as Commander zh'Lindresko was operating in Ward 3 that the biobeds would require a complete re-calibration and conduit link-up before they would be patient-ready. Work to rectify this was immediately initialized and complete re-calibration of the biobed facilities aboard station should be completed in no more that five hours.

RECOMMENDATION: Lieutenant Commander Beckett recommends and requests that further decontamination of Medical bays 1-4 with the provided two exocomps. This is to be carried out in the departments own time, once medical operations are prepared to resume as previous. Lieutenant Commander Beckett also believe the department remains to have a long way to go, however it's the opinion of this report that under the circumstances the department has responded well to the move back aboard.

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