AAR: Sunset Clause

Stardate 95874.1
LTJG S. Valore
Level 2 - Confidential

LOCATION: Rulian III, Doza Sector

MISSION: Analyze planet for future colonization.

OUTCOME: Hostage situation resolved. Planet effectively rendered uninhabitable.


CAPT A. Derenzis
CMDR T. Akaela
CMDR A. Samaras
LT O. Mercer
LTJG M. Khet
LTJG S. Valore
FIFTH Talak'Fives

NARRATIVE: Where should this officer begin? The operation began to fall apart quite quickly. This officer had accompanied Captain Sel to act as a consultant on the logistical concerns of establishing a colony. Some anomalies were detected planet-side and this officer was beamed to the surface along with the rest of the key personnel. Almost immediately upon arriving, we encountered an Orion group armed with Ferengi equipment and weaponry. They fired upon us as we attempted to establish dialogue, resulting in a return of fire and the Orions neutralized. Upon interrogation, it was discovered that the Orions were hired by a Ferengi group to seize control of the planet for commercial purposes and to remove anyone who stands in the way. As it happens, a small human colony was indeed present on the planet.

The group pushed on and we arrived at a building where we discovered an armed Ferengi. After neutralizing him (he did not react well to seeing a Jem'Hadar among our ranks) we encountered one of the local human colonists. While this officer and Captain Sel interrogated the Ferengi, who seemed to be working for a DaiMon named Qob, it was discovered by others that the system's star was going to render the planet uninhabitable in the next few hours. There also appeared to be a jammer that prevented us from communicating with the ships in orbit, preventing us from coordinating with anyone but ourselves. The Ferengi had hired a team of mercenaries to seize control of the colony and all colonists were hostages.

Deliberations took place on what to do, with Commander Akaela as operational command. Several plans were brought up, by this officer and others, but the Commander seemed to have settled on a plan of stealth. However, this officer wishes to state that this officer was not entirely aware as to what the plan was. This officer does not believe the plan was made clear by the Commander.

This officer was placed into a team with Captain Sel and Talak'Fives to move in to distract and neutralize guards. Captain Sel objected to this plan, claiming that - due to the nature of a large hostage situation - we should attempt to seize control of the power generators and attempt to negotiate with Qob - especially due to the alarming few hours until the planet literally burnt up and killed everyone. A fact this officer attempted to remind people of multiple times in the incoming argumentation. Commander Akaela disagreed with Captain Sel and the two began to dispute the plan as we approached and surveyed the area of operation. After lengthy arguments on both sides, this officer believed that there was no way to reconcile the two and moved ahead with the original plan with Talak'Fives as other teams proceeded with their portions of the plan.

We spotted three guards on the ground. Fives eliminated one and this officer nerve-pinched a second. Fives proceeded to eliminate the third. It was at this point that Fives abandoned this officer to pursue his own goals, ignoring the idea of teamwork or cooperation. This officer, now alone, moved to the warehouse where she discovered two more guards and almost all of the hostages. This officer eliminated the guards and released the hostages from captivity. This officer wishes to state here and now that her focus was primarily on distracting and neutralizing guards. However, with Fives' sudden departure via personal cloak, this officer was forced to act independently and stumbled upon - by chance - the hostages. Believing that removing the Ferengi's best bargaining chip to be useful, this officer proceeded to rescue them from captivity.

This officer then proceeded to communicate with Captain Sel, arranging for the hostages to move to the shuttles as all of the remaining guards seemed to be occupied with fighting in another part of the area of operations. The jammer went down and the Commander and the rest of the team met with us. Except for Fives, who seemed to be on a warpath against Qob and his people. That seemed to also result in the death of a hostage. This officer suggests asking others who went after Fives for more information, as this officer was too preoccupied with assisting the colonists at the time.

This officer soon beamed with Captain Sel back onto the Brahe once it was determined to be the time to depart. A debrief came soon after. This officer recommends contacting the senior officers for transcripts of the debrief.

RECOMMENDATION: This officer wishes to make the following statements:

1) It is of the opinion of this officer that Commander Akaela - as operational command - was unable to maintain control over the team. Directives from the Commander felt vague and in need of elaboration that was not provided. This officer also believes that the Commander did not have control of the situation on the ground and it seemed - at least to this officer - that each officer seemed to be acting more as an independent unit. This officer does not make such a statement lightly, as this officer intends to follow orders as is due and proper in the field. This officer recommends Command review the mission.

2) Talak'Fives is both a useful tool and a dangerous weapon. We had entered multiple combat situations and Fives proved to be the most useful asset in almost every single one of them. It was with his aid that we maintained an operational edge over the enemy. However, he refused to cooperate as a team and to follow my instructions when we operated together as a duo. He rejected attempts at coordinating with me and outright left me to act solo and independently after the first encounter with hostiles. This left this officer trying to rescue the hostages by herself. This is a great risk and one this officer does not feel should be present in a routine Starfleet operation. This officer recommends Command review this mission and try to rectify this wayward operative. This officer also recommends taking steps to rectifying Jem'Hadar place in Starfleet Command Structure. Talak'Fives did not seem to have the desire to take orders from anyone and operated independently. This officer believes such a thing to be a grave risk to future operations.

3) The leading Ferengi escaped. Qob must be found before he takes another colony hostage. This officer recommends law enforcement be tasked with pursuing him.

4) The chain of command was not apparent at times during the mission between Captain Sel and Commander Akaela. This officer recommends taking steps to rectifying this matter. Captain Sel and Commander Akaela, as it seemed to this officer, believed in two different plans and carried both of them out and their argumentation earlier in the mission did not seem to rectify the situation. This officer would recommend the Captain and Commander settle their differences. Perhaps group counseling.

5) This officer recommends Command review this mission in its entirety and decide on whether a course of action is necessary.

OOC: I really loved the event. Thank you so much for hosting it Derenzis. It was a real blast to RP with both the environment and all of the other PCs. Let me know if I got anything wrong. This was Sunset Clause, not to be mistaken with Santa Clause. There were no presents here. Only death.

Stardate 95854.2
CMDR T. Akaela
Level 2 - Confidential

LOCATION: Rulian III colony, Rulian system, Doza Sector

MISSION: Exploration of strange signal from believed to be uninhabited planet. Changed to rescue of colony from Mercenaries and an expanding star.

OUTCOME: All colonists evacuated except leader, who was killed in action. All Mercenaries arrested except their leader: Qob, who escaped.

CAPT Z. Sel,
CMDR T, Akaela,
CMDR A. Samaras,
LT O. Mercer,
LTJG S. Valore,
LTJG M. Khet,

NARRATIVE: A Team of officers from the Shackleton, Brahe, and Endeavour, as well as guests from other ships in the form of Lt Valore and Talak'Fives, beamed to a planet we believed would be uninhabited, but had encountered a mysterious signal from that made us investigate.

We quickly encountered 3 Orion Mercenaries who fired on us, we retaliated and subdued them. We then found we could not contact the ships in orbit. We headed to the comm tower we saw nearby and found a Ferengi trying to capture a human woman. We apprehended this Ferengi who said he was working for a Qob. The human woman was a colonist named Aimee who explained Qob was a Ferengi boss using his mercenaries to take the planet from the colonists for unknown reasons. The comm tower had been damaged by the Ferengi we were talking to however so I had Khet work on trying to fix it while the rest of us interrogated the Ferengi or tried other means to contact orbit.

While Cmdr Samaras and Lt Mercer tried to get contact and also get some reconnaissance of the colony, Khet allowed me to speak to Shackleton for a minute, but we lost contact before confirming they were sending help. We thus had to act as if on our own. Aimee then said she was monitoring the planet's star. Apparently the planet we were on was some distance and only recently became habitable in cosmic terms. She said the star was beginning, just now, to expand to a red giant. We had 5 hours to save the colonists and get off the planet.

Considering our options, I agreed with Cmdr Samaras that we should quietly try to subdue guards in the colony so we could infiltrate the building with the jamming transmitter and have Samaras and Khet disable it so we could contact our ships. We intended to not engage in any firefights as the colonists were still hostages of the remaining 11 Mercenaries and Qob. After moving closer to the colony, Captain Sel raised objections to the plan I had decided to enact. I was making the call as I had been made away team lead by Captain Derenzis originally, but was willing to acquiesce to her ideas as she was a senior officer to me. After some discussion they ultimately decided to carry on with the plan we previously settled on. The Captain did say she was not in approval of the plan though. I felt it was the best move in our situation so we proceeded with the stealth option. I was doing this specifically to avoid colonists being hurt, or we would have attacked outright.

We silently subdued three guards in front of the building and Olivia and I went in one group, while Talak and Valore went as another to watch for any other guards coming around so they could also be silently subdued. From this point I only know what I saw. The mission again was to be silent and ensure we could get in to take out the jammer and contact our ships in orbit. That was all we were supposed to do.

Mercer and I moved to the building with the jammer trying to see the mercenary inside out scans said was the only one guarding it. At this point we heard a commotion from the nearby warehouse where more enemies were, and sounds of fighting. I didn't know what happened but I took the moment to charge in and subdue the Orion guarding the jammer. Two others appeared after the commotion and we had to fight them off, but subdued them. I walked in and after hearing on comms the team we were going to have come in to disable the transmitter was now trying to help colonists evacuate. I knew nothing was going correctly by now so I just shot the power cable off the jammer, and got contact with the ships again, and worked to coordinate them sending Brahe down to pick up everyone.

This was as far as I understood it, and was according to my plan. I learned much later the situation was a lot more chaotic, and the plan had very much fallen apart. I learned second hand Talak'Fives had begun attacking guards holding the colonists hostage, despite me saying to not engage them in the original plan. After they had been freed (remarkably, without harm), Captain Sel took control of the remaining groups to try and evacuate them by shuttles that the colonists had. I was not aware this was happening while still dealing with the transmitter. By the time I linked up with the group, Talak was fighting off the Ferengi Qob, who then escaped, and he went off to save a final hostage, the colony leader. I told him to leave it as the ships could beam him to safety now.. but he vanished in a shroud. I later learned he failed to save the colony leader, who was killed in the altercation.

In the end, all the colonists, save for the killed leader, were evacuated. All the Mercenaries were subdued and arrested, except for Qob who had escaped in his own shuttle. Talak'Fives was taken to Brahe's brig for the short term while we sorted things out.

RECOMMENDATION: I believe it needs to be worked out why Talak'Fives did not follow my plan, and why his change caused a rapid chaotic shift in events that caused everything that did happen. We are lucky that no more of the colonists were hurt, but I am deeply regretful the leader was killed as I had gotten to know his daughter, the woman Aimee mentioned before. I believe we should resettle the colonists and leave them alone, they don't want our help beyond this.

I should also be held responsible for the failure to keep the teams on mission, and for not being able to control what Talak'Fives was doing. I was leading the team even though Captain Sel had rank above me based on Captain Derenzis original intent. I failed as a leader in this mission, and I accept that failure and any punishments that come with it.

OOC: This is for both parts of the ground event. I was not involved in the space segment at all.

This was very fun overall. Even if it ICly went south fast, but that's part of the fun! So thanks to Alyx for running it. Also if anything seems wrong please let me know.

Stardate 95854.2
Level 2 - Confidential

LOCATION: Rulian III, Doza Sector

MISSION: Participate in planetary survey.

OUTCOME: Unregistered colony evacuated. Mercenary attackers neutralized. Rulian star expanded, rendering planet uninhabitable.

Captain Alyx Derenzis | USS Shackleton
​Captain Zaliel Sel | USS Brahe
Commander Tala Akaela | USS Shackleton
Commander Amelia Samaras | USS Endeavour
Fifth Talak’Fives| Visiting Jem’Hadar Soldier
Lieutenant Olivia Mercer | USS Shackleton
Lieutenant Junior Grade Mossic Khet | USS Shackleton
Lieutenant Junior Grade Sera Valore | 38th Fleet Administration (at the invitation of the USS Brahe CO)

NARRATIVE: USS Brahe, at the invitation of USS Shackleton’s commanding officer, Captain Alyx Derenzis, traveled to Rulian III to participate in the study of a Class-M planet, previously identified by long-range subspace telescope. USS Endeavour also participated in this study. Collectively, this report will refer to the Shackleton, Brahe, and Endeavour as the “Task Force”.

Upon arrival, the Task Force identified an unusual scattering field on the planet, along with structures consistent with a Federation Colony. A combination of personnel beamed to the surface to investigate. Collectively, this report identifies the following personnel as the “Away Team”:
Captain Zaliel Sel
Commander Tala Akaela
Commander Amelia Samaras
Fifth Talak’Fives
Lieutenant Olivia Mercer
Lieutenant Junior Grade Mossic Khet
Lieutenant Junior Grade Sera Valore

As the Shackleton had operational command of the mission, Shackleton’s First Officer, Commander Tala Akaela, had operational command of the Away Team.

Due to the nature of the scattering field, the beam-in site was approximately two kilometers from the colony. We arrived near a large antenna structure, which appeared to be of Federation design. As we approached the communications tower, three Orions appeared. Despite efforts to speak with him, they opened fired and the Away Team worked quickly to subdue them.

Two Orions were incapacitated while the third remained conscious after being stunned. A search of the incapacitated Orions identified a Ferengi communicator and Data PADD. A cursory look at the PADD contained no useful information. Both the communicator and PADD were handed to Lt. Valore for safekeeping and later entered into evidence.

A brief interrogation of the third Orion, who did not identify himself, was conducted. We learned from the Orion that their presence was the result of a Ferengi named “Qob”. The Orion indicated that Qob intended to evict or arrange a deal with the colonist, who had arrived at the planet first. The Orion provided no additional information.

It was during this interrogation the Away Team attempted to contact the Task Force in orbit; however, those efforts were not successful. Commander Tala led a small team to the Communications Tower, where they apprehended a Ferengi named Gerk, who reiterated the earlier Orion’s statement that he worked for Qob as a member of the “Qob Holdings Corporation.” This officer and Lieutenant Valore, under the watchful eye of Talak’Fives, conducted an interview of Gerk. The Ferengi informed us that Qob intended to take the planet for himself stating, “But [Qob’s] got plans for this planet that will make Risa look like a Vulcan Monastary when he's done!" Gerk also provided the number of mercenaries operated by Qob; however, there was no way to verify the veracity of his claim.

At this time the Away Team also encountered a Human woman who identified herself as Aimee Elliot, a member of an unregistered colony of Federation origin, a type of colony sometimes colloquially known as “wild catters.” Ms. Elliot became a principle source of information regarding the colony.

During the interrogation, other officers attempted to regain communications with the Task Force in orbit by using the communications tower, which had been intentionally sabotaged by the mercenaries. They achieved a temporary success, at which time this officer directed Captain Derenzis to order the Brahe planet-side, at the recommendation of Commander Akaela, despite initial concerns (which this officer did not voice at the time) that such an action was unnecessary. This course of action proved to be beneficial, as this officer would learn shortly thereafter that the Rulian star had begun the process of expanding to a Red Giant.

According to Ms. Elliot, we had approximately five hours to affect an evacuation before the planet would be rendered uninhabitable.

Following this information, the Away Team assembled at the Communications Tower to formulate a plan. It was decided, over this officer’s explicit protest, to proceed with an assault on the colony, with the ultimate objective of disabling the scattering field. While the methodology was presented as one of stealth, this officer repeatedly attempted to remind Commander Akaela that this was a hostage situation and any aggressive action on our part could result in the death of the colonists. Further, Commander Akaela disregarded this officer’s recommendation that the Away Team attempt to communicate with Qob (via the Ferengi communicator we retrieved from the Orions previously), the Commander arguing that we would lose the element of surprise if we did so. Finally, the assault would be carried out with limited tricorder efficiency, with the colonists' presence unknown, and the strength, disposition, and capabilities of the mercenaries unconfirmed.

Upon arrival at the colony site, the previous concerns regarding the plan were raised again. Commander Akaela was recalcitrant and demonstrated a rigidity to consider pursuing an alternative, asserting several times that there was a “time limit”. While this is true, the Away Team had approximately 4.5 hours before life would be extinguished on the planet--more than enough time, in this officer’s opinion, to affect a negotiation with Qob.

During this discussion, Ms. Elliot indicated that the colony possessed several warp-capable shuttlecraft capable of exfiltrating the entire colony population. Regardless this information, Commander Akaela’s plan was unchanged.

It should also be noted that prior to and during the execution of Commander Akaela’s plan, her commands were vague and incomplete. It is this officer’s position that this this ambiguity and her tenuous hold of command directly contributed to the events that would follow.

The Away Team broke into several pieces: Lieutenant Valore and Talak’Five in one direction, Commander Akaela and Lieutenant Mercer in another. The remainder of the Away Team stayed behind, out of sight, with Ms. Elliot. Commander Samaras and Lieutenant Khet attempted to counter the jamming field using various pieces of technology (an admirable effort that would unfortunately prove unnecessary). This officer was unclear in their role as Commander Akaela departed and therefore remained with Ms. Elliot to ensure her safety.

A short time later we received a communication from Lieutenant Valore indicating she had recovered all but two of the hostages and was going to move them to the shuttles. This officer, recognizing that a lone officer could not possibly defend twenty-eight unarmed colonists alone against an unknown number of assailants, ordered Commander Samaras, Lieutenant Khet, and Ms. Elliot to accompany this officer to the shuttlecrafts.

This officer recognizes that Commander Akaela’s plan expected the presence of Lieutenant Khet to disable the scattering field emitter; however, as twenty-nine of thirty colonists were accounted for, the necessity of protecting and preserving their lives become paramount. Commander Akaela’s position and status were unknown to this officer, nor that an ongoing firefight was underway (as this officer would later learn in the debriefing). It is also worth noting that the "stealth" aspect of this effort precluded the opportunity to communicate outwardly with any of the field teams, as such an action could have alerted their presence to the enemy.

As the colonists prepared for transport, the USS Brahe completed planetfall, landing just outside the colony. With communications restored, this officer ordered the Brahe to begin an immediate evacuation of all sentient life signs on the planet. This officer, with the assistance of Lieutenant Valore and Commander Samaras, began organizing the colonists and their equipment for transport. As we were working to secure and transport the colonists to safety, Commander Akaela approached and made several comments suggesting she was more concerned that we did not follow her exacting plan than the fact that the colonists were safe, such as “I am not sure what all of you were doing while I tried the original plan,” and “I was still on a stealth mission as planned while all of you started fighting for some reason.”

Shortly following this encounter, the evacuation was completed, and this officer and Lieutenant Valore returned to the Brahe. Afterwards, this officer proceeded to meet with the colonists in the cargo bay, where this officer then arranged for their immediate needs before transferring them to the USS Shackleton once the Brahe had achieved orbit and moved to a safe distance.

Several comments during the debriefing require this officer to expand on the nature of the evacuation and protocol. The USS Brahe began evacuation of the planet as soon as this officer instructed them to do so. The priority of transport was, by protocol:

First: Injured/Incapacitated Persons, as they are presumed to require immediate medical attention. As none of the colonists / Starfleet personnel were injured during the assault (with the notable exception of Rory Elliot, who was alive and conscious when the evacuation started), the incapacitated Ferengi and mercenaries were prioritized.

Second: Colonists, at the direction of this officer, were then transported to the Brahe along with a substantial amount of cargo. While this officer objected to the inclusion of the containers, the colonists were adamant it be included. With the appearance of Commander Akaela at the evacuation site, this officer believed the conflict had concluded and that there was ample time before the colonists were in imminent danger (approximately four hours). Therefore, this officer conceded to the colonists’ wishes that their cargo be included.

Finally, the Away Team were transported to the Brahe or their original ships, as deemed appropriate and necessary. In the confusion, Talak’Fives was transported to the Brahe, where he displayed aggression towards the Brahe’s security team. He was subsequently subdued and placed in the Brig to cool down.

This officer would later learn at debriefing that Fith Talak’Fives had, during much of the assault, engaged with Qob and his guards which resulted in the death of Rory Elliot, the colony leader and Ms. Elliot’s father, at the hands of an Orion mercenary. Rory Elliot’s body was initially transported to the Brahe’s Sickbay where efforts to revive him were made. Unfortunately, he was pronounced dead by Doctor Isdlin Stose, the Brahe’s Chief Medical Officer. Mr. Elliot’s body was then transported to the USS Shackleton with the colonists once orbit was achieved.

Throughout the evacuation effort, this officer remained at the shuttlecrafts to ensure the smooth and efficient evacuation of the colony’s population. This officer was not aware of the hostage situation involving Rory Elliot. This officer was not aware of the location of Talak’Fives. This officer was not aware that the body of Rory Elliot had been found by several Starfleet personnel and Ms. Elliot. This officer was not aware that Qob had escaped.

Prior to the debriefing, Fives was held in the brig for striking a Brahe Security Officer. Subsequent to the debriefing, Talak’Fives is pending charges of Insubordination and for his involvement in the death of Rory Elliot, as discussed in the above sections. In accordance with Starfleet Regulations and in keeping with Federation Law, this officer has confined him aboard the USS Brahe and has arranged for legal counsel to be assigned. Talak’Fives will be remanded to the custody of Starbase Security upon our arrival at Deep Space 13.

During the debriefing, several officers expressed an interest in speaking with Talak’Fives. This officer stated repeatedly that no interview with Talak’Fives would be permitted without the presence of legal counsel.

Based on this officer’s understanding of the events, it is this officer’s opinion that Talak’Fives did not receive explicit, clear orders as are necessary when operating with Jem’Hadar soldiers. Therefore, once Talak’Fives was “turned loose” on the colony, he proceeded to engage enemies procedurally until none were left. This opinion should not be construed as an attempt to defend Talak’Fives' actions.

This officer recommends Commander Akaela’s field performance be reviewed by Command to determine if additional training is necessary.

This officer recommends that Talak’Five’s field performance be reviewed by Command to determine if additional training is necessary.

This officer recommends that all Starfleet vessels operating near and inside the Doza Sector be notified of Qob’s shuttlecraft in the hope that he may be apprehended and brought to justice.

This officer recommends that the JAG Office review the information in this and associated reports regarding the Rulian III Incident specifically in the matter of the death of Rory Elliot, to determine if any action of that office is necessary.


This officer commends Lieutenant Valore for her quick thinking and bravery in the face an enemy combatant and for her successful recovery of the Rulian III colonists. For her actions in this incident, I recommend Lieutenant Valore for the Starfleet Medal of Commendation.

This officer commends the efforts of Lieutenant Junior Grade Khet for his ingenuity in restoring communications with the Task Force, which was vital to our successful evacuation of the colonists. For his actions and bravery in the field, I recommend him for the Zefram Cochrane Medal of Excellence.

OOC: OOC: This was an amazing event! Looking for the next Shackleton RP!

Stardate 95854.3
CAPT A. Derenzis
Level 2 - Confidential

LOCATION: Rulian III, Rulian System, Doza Sector

MISSION: Standard Planetary Survey

OUTCOME: Survey aborted. Qualified success in rescuing and evacuating an independant human colony, and repulsing a mercenary ambush in orbit. Rulian III rendered uninhabitable due to the Rulian Star's transition to red giant.

Away Team Personnel
CMDR T. Akaela, U.S.S. Shackleton (away team commander)
CAPT Z. Sel, U.S.S. Brahe
CMDR A. Samaras, U.S.S. Endeavour
FIFTH Talak'Fives, visiting Jem'Hadar soldier
LT O. Mercer, U.S.S. Shackleton
LTJG M. Khet, U.S.S. Shackleton
LTJG S. Valore, 38th Fleet Administration

Personnel in Orbit
CAPT A. Derenzis, U.S.S. Shackleton
CMDR T'Vrin, U.S.S. Shackleton (NPC)
CAPT S. Bishop, U.S.S. Endeavour
CMDR M. Ysleb, U.S.S. Brahe
LCDR R. Kihino, U.S.S. Brahe
CAPT A. Nimtiz, U.S.S. Pegasus

NARRATIVE: The Shackleton,, Brahe, and Endeavour entered standard orbit of Rulian III to begin a standard planetary survey of this aged ( >9.0 GYr) M class world. Before we could begin the survey, however, we detected a sporadic signal from a continent in the northern hemisphere. Sensor scans revealed a small settlement masked partially by a scattering field, which prevented us from determining the number of lifesigns present or beaming directly to the colony. This officer ordered an away team to the surface, with CMDR Samaras, CAPT Sel, FIFTH Talak'fives, and LTJG Valore assisting; orders given to investigate the settlement and the source of the signal. CMDR Akaela was placed in operational command of the away team.

All three ships lost contact with the away team once they beamed down; scans showed that the scattering field had expanded further, masking the team and rendering transporter locks ineffective. Efforts to cut through the field from orbit were unsuccessful. One hour after the away team beamed down, we received a communication from CMDR Akaela. The away team had found evidence of an independant human colony having been seized by Orion mercenaries under the employ of a Ferengi named "Qob". CMDR Akaela and CAPT Sel recommended that the Brahe make planetfall to aid in rescuing the colony from the mercenaries.

Before this officer could respond, all three ships were blanketed by a military-grade jamming signal, severing communications with the surface once again. The source of this new signal was a Ferengi D'Kora class Marauder, accompanied by three Orion vessels - two Corvettes and one Brigand-class cruiser - which had emerged from the vicinity of the planet's north magnetic pole to engage our ships. The attacking vessels ignored a hail from the Endeavour and proceeded to maneuver in an attempt to keep our ships from escaping. All ships went to Red Alert and began to defend themselves. During the battle, the Shackleton was able to punch a distress call through the jamming effect briefly, which was detected and responded to by the U.S.S. Pegasus. Once the Pegasus arrived to assist, the battle turned sharply in our favour, and two of the three Orion vessels were disabled and the Ferengi vessel contained. The last Orion vessel, one of the Corvettes, escaped the battle. The U.S.S. Bark, which had detached from the Endeavour to aid in defense, gave chase, but was unable to catch the Corvette. Its last recorded vector placed it on a course to Ba'aja Sector. The D'Kora class stood down soon after, and in the ensuing conversation between its acting commander and CAPT Bishop, it was learned the vessels were under orders to "leave no witnesses". We also learned that the vessel's DaiMon was on the planet's surface. CAPT Bishop was able to convince the acting commander to contact the DaiMon in an effort to deactivate the planetbound scattering field.

At this point, my science officer, CMDR T'Vrin brought a serious issue to my attention which was shared with the other Starfleet vessels; the Rulian star was showing signs of expansion, which when taken with its advanced age, suggested it was beginning to transition to a red giant. The resulting increase in luminosity from the star would render Rulian III uninhabitable in approximately five hours. This prompted an urgent need to evacuate the two disabled Orion vessels and to find some means of reestablish contact with our away team on the surface. A brief debate ensued between CMDR Ysleb of the Brahe and CAPT Bishop over the need to send the former vessel down to the surface. It fell to this officer to resolve the issue, ordering the Brahe planetside following transfer of any nonessential personnel to the Endeavour and taking on the Endeavour's posted MACO team for security purposes, as there were still an unknown number of hostile mercenaries on the surface. The Pegasus and Endeavour proceeded to escort the D'Kora class to a safe distance in the outer system.

The Brahe then descended, returning with the away team, 29 live colonists and 1 dead colonist (the colony leader, Rory Elliot) and all mercenaries save DaiMon Qob, who had escaped on board a Ferengi Na'Far class shuttle. As the Shackleton was still engaged in evacuating the Orions from the disabled Brigand cruiser, we were unable to give chase. Sensor readings showed one Ferengi on board, and that the shuttle was on a course that would take it coreward, towards Kelterre and Betazed sectors, but was unable to determine its exact destination. Once the Brahe reached orbit, both ships retreated to rendezvous with the Pegasus and Endeavour, to effect transfer of prisoners and colonists to appropriate quarters and to debrief.

In the debrief, it was learned that the away team had attempted to subdue the mercenaries on the surface and neutralize the scattering field. After an initially successful infiltration of the colony, FIFTH Talak'Fives had located the colony leader Rory Elliot, held prisoner by Qob, and attempted to rescue the colony leader on his own, abandoning LTJG Valore who had been part of his backup, and alerting the remaining mercenaries to the away team's presence. In the battle that followed, Qob escaped, one Gorn - believed to be part of the mercenary force - was killed, and Rory Elliot was killed by one of the remaining Orions. CMDR Akaela, having had operational command of the away team, accepted full responsibility for losing control of the situation planetside. FIFTH Talak'Fives was later detained by the Brahe's security and held in their brig.

After debrief, the Shackleton transferred all Orions retrieved from the disabled vessels to the Pegasus and Endeavour and took on the colonists from the Brahe as well as the body of Rory Elliot. The Shackleton then departed to resettle the colonists in a safer location.

RECOMMENDATION: DaiMon Qob is still at large, as is the remaining Orion Corvette. Qob's name and likeness, as well as the IDs of both ships, should be circulated and all Starfleet vessels and facilities in and near Doza sector alerted to keep watch for them. The crews of the Orion vessels and the D'Kora should be charged with assault on Starfleet property and personnel, and the groundside mercenaries captured charged with unlawful seizure of an independent settlement.

From interviewing the remaining colonists, it is this officer's considered opinion that they would resent further Starfleet involvement or a return to Federation rule. The Shackleton will do everything in its power to see them safely resettled and able to rebuild, but beyond that, we should respect their wishes to be left alone.

Regarding the tragedy on the surface, this officer has entered a formal reprimand in Commander Akaela's file over her losing control of the situation. I recommend she be given supplemental training on away team situation and crisis management in addition to her standard duties to ensure this lapse does not recur. As for the actions of FIFTH Talak'Fives, this officer believes that an inquiry, either by Starfleet or by the Dominion, should be held to determine his actions and reasoning behind them, in hopes of preventing future incidents of this nature on missions between Starfleet and Dominion personnel.

Based on the testimony of the away team members, this officer also recommends commendations for LTJG Mossic Khet for his efforts in attempting to restore communication between surface and orbit, and for LTJG Sera Valore, in her bravery and discipline during the rescue operation.

Despite the tragic events that have occurred, this officer would point out that the Rulian system now poses a unique opportunity to study a star in transition from subgiant to red giant tracks, as well as the subsequent effects of its attendant planets. Two Class 4 probes have been placed in the system to monitor the star's continuing expansion. However, Rulian III can no longer be listed as class M, and must now be listed as a provisional class Y planet.

OOC: AAR for Sunset Clause, as seen from Alyx's POV. Special thanks to everyone who took part, despite game bugs and other computer woes. Apart from any post-mission discipline and questions, nothing more is planned for this storyline. Whether Qob will return to sneer again... remains to be seen ;)

Stardate 95876.2
CAPT A. Derenzis
Level 2 - Confidential

LOCATION: Elliot, V898 Orionis System, Doza Sector

ADDENDUM: The Shackleton has successfully resettled the colonists from Rulian III on the second planet of the V898 Orionis system, which with the approval of the colonists has been named Elliot, in memory of their fallen founder and leader. During the resettlement, orbital and surface surveys of the Class L planet were completed to gauge long-term viability of the colony, and to mark local resources and hazards for the colonists. We have also provided enough provisions, equipment, and medical supplies from ship's stores to keep the small settlement operational for up to five years.

The colonists have selected the late Rory Elliot's aide, Leila Ryan, as their new leader. Ms. Ryan has reiterated the settlement's desire to stay independent of the Federation, but has agreed to a visit from a Starfleet vessel in one year's time to check on the colony's progress and render aid if necessary and if requested.

RECOMMENDATION: In keeping with the agreement made with the colonists of Elliot, Starfleet should dispatch a ship to visit this planet around Stardate 96880.0 and check in with the colonists. If the colonists request aid it is to be provided, but the starship dispatched should exercise great care in any dealings with the colonists, and respect their right to self-rule.

OOC: Aftermath report for "Sunset Clause" - apologies for posting this a week late. If someone wants to run the follow-up visit when the time comes, feel free to give me a shout closer to the date mentioned - that'd be Nov. 18 of next year!