AAR: Sunset Years

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CAPT Mirazuni, A

After Action Report

LOCATION Romola System, Donatu Sector.

MISSION Standard Border Patrol.

OUTCOME Distress call from planet close to asteroid impact. Impact prevented.


  • CAPT A. Mirazuni
  • LT(JG) R. Mitsuki
  • LT(JG) S. Miyawaki
  • ENS Thyzee
  • CPO T. Ashodi

BACKGROUND During a border patrol, the U.S.S. Endeavour picked up a distress call from a colony facing an asteroid annihilation. We noticed at that point that other ships had also picked up the distress call and moved to assist. Responding, we also followed suit and warped to the system in order to help.

NARRATIVE Arriving in the system, we saw the large asteroid heading for the planet. Several civilian ships were attempting to break the asteroid down to save the planet, but this was a futile effort due to the size of the asteroid. Lieutenant Miyawaki, Ensign Thyzee, and Chief Ashodi came up with a method to move the asteroid, using the combined efforts of all the ships to push it out of the way. However, in order to do this, we would require the cooperation of the civilian ships, of which, the largest ship, an S.S. Navarino refused to help, as they believed their solution was the best.

Whilst this happened, Commander Samaras and Lieutenant Mitsuki identified some structures on the asteroid, and in time revealed that there were actual lifesigns within the asteroid themselves. Using this information, we informed the civilian ships to cease breaking the asteroid up. The captain of the S.S. Navarino refused to accept this, preferring the deaths of the lifeforms on the asteroids to the more numerous lifesigns on the planet. We decided to proceed with pushing the asteroid away from the planet without the assistance of the S.S. Navarino. At the last moment, the S.S. Navarino returned to help, giving us enough push to have the asteroid clear the planet and move away safely, with minor damage on the planet due to the gravitational effects. On the planet, the captain of the S.S. Navarino took credit for the mission and the continued existence of the planet. Leaving the PR spin to the civilian captain, the U.S.S. Endeavour left the system for repairs on her own engines.

RECOMMENDATION A return to the asteroid to investigate the lifeforms of the creatures.

RECOGNITION Ensign Thyzee showed great leadership as she worked with Lieutenant Miyawaki and Chief Ashodi to save the planet. The three of them worked very well.

Lieutenant Mitsuki also performed well, both through her flight abilities as well as making sure the engines did not suffer undue damage as the ships pushed the asteroid away from the planet.

OOC This is the AAR for the Endeavour event Sunset Years. Event logs available on request.

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