AAR Supplies to those in need

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After Action Report

LOCATION Nearby to Isep Xedi System.

MISSION Delivery of medical and food supplies to Xedi Rebels, along with opening dialogue between them and G’thi Triumvirate.

OUTCOME Successful in both regards, though rebels still mistrustful of Starfleet.


  • CMDR T’nar
  • CPTN Nimitz, A
  • LCDR R’Rurra
  • Negotiator U’the (NPC)

NARRATIVE Euripides made contact with Xedi rebel fleet several systems away from Isep Xedi. Contacted rebels to arrival and informed of reason for being there. Rebels not out right hostile but vey mistrusting of Starfleet. Negotiator U’the informed picket that supplies were from Triumvirate, not Starfleet, which was accepted. This officer, CMO R’Rurra, Captain Nimitz, and Negotiator U’the plus warrior caste bodyguard boarded main rebel vessel to speak with leaders. Main rebel station in dire need of aid, but as of having made to flee hastily, obvious why station was in disarray. Met with Xedi leadership, as well as Runis’Salli from Perin, as well as Xedi going by The Minister. The rebel leadership is split on how to approach Starfleet, one being outright hostile, one being acceptive, and final being mediary to both. Negotiator U’the was able to have the rebels accept the supplies that Euripides had brought, as well as open starting relations between Triumvirate and Rebels.

RECOMMENDATION This Officer recommends trying to bring both government and rebel Xedi to talks. Will be difficult as internal influences from both sides may way lay this. Triumvirate has offered to aid rebels and Starfleet attempt to meet and negotiate, though this may be some time in the future.

RECOGNITION All officers present acted with professionalism becoming of Starfleet officers.

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